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Artisan Essentials Volume 3


rune of quick strike (apprentice) rune of ambush (apprentice)
deer steak forged tin short sword
dust blast (apprentice) essence of wild swing (apprentice)
essence of taunt (apprentice) forged tin long sword
tailored rawhide leather skullcap tailored rawhide leather boots
lightning burst (apprentice) minor healing (apprentice)
minor arch healing (apprentice) smite (apprentice)
jum jum cider elm round shield
tailored threadbare cap tailored threadbare slippers
jum jum muffins rawhide leather bandolier
rawhide leather satchel essence of faithful swing (apprentice)
rebuke (apprentice) tellurian recruit (apprentice)
essence of righteous anger (apprentice) essence of shield bash (apprentice)
essence of hold the line (apprentice) chilling winds (apprentice)
cold whorl (apprentice) Corrosive Strike (Apprentice)
fire (apprentice) imprecation (apprentice)
invocation (apprentice) mind shock (apprentice)
black coffee barbs (apprentice)
befriend (apprentice) bristles (apprentice)
burn (apprentice) cerebral shock (apprentice)
coil (apprentice) cold (apprentice)
confusion (apprentice) curse (apprentice)
engulf (apprentice) erupt (apprentice)
fever (apprentice) fire chamber (apprentice)
haze (apprentice) heal minion (apprentice)
heal servant (apprentice) light strike (apprentice)
malaise (apprentice) medusa gaze (apprentice)
migraine (apprentice) minor aid (apprentice)
minor auspice (apprentice) minor balm (apprentice)
minor blessing (apprentice) minor bloom (apprentice)
minor elixir (apprentice) minor florescence (apprentice)
Lucid (Apprentice) minor recovery (apprentice)
minor redoubt (apprentice) minor ritual (apprentice)
minor sacrificial heal (apprentice) minor salve (apprentice)
minor vigor (apprentice) personae (apprentice)
phantasmal shock (apprentice) poison cloud (apprentice)
rot (apprentice) shame (apprentice)
sleep (apprentice) squall (apprentice)
stinging insects (apprentice) stop breath (apprentice)
summon minion (apprentice) treatment (apprentice)
writhe (apprentice) essence of bruising fist (apprentice)
essence of bullying defense (apprentice) essence of cold fist (apprentice)
essence of condemning smite (apprentice) essence of dark caress (apprentice)
essence of focus (apprentice) essence of focus (apprentice)
essence of focus anger (apprentice) essence of forward strike (apprentice)
essence of ignore bruises (apprentice) essence of jab (apprentice)
essence of painful swing (apprentice) essence of prayer of healing (apprentice)
essence of swing (apprentice) essence of taunting strike (apprentice)
rune of back attack (apprentice) rune of back fire (apprentice)
rune of circle attack (apprentice) rune of deafening strike (apprentice)
rune of double blast (apprentice) rune of double dagger (apprentice)
rune of double shot (apprentice) rune of gash(apprentice)
rune of harl's athletic tune (apprentice) rune of haunting strike (apprentice)
rune of magical boon (apprentice) rune of night blade (apprentice)
rune of offensive boon (apprentice) rune of pincer (apprentice)
rune of quick thrust (apprentice) rune of raxxyl's fortitude song (apprentice)
rune of searing strike (apprentice) rune of shriek (apprentice)
rune of shrill (apprentice) rune of singing strike (apprentice)
rune of spine attack (apprentice) rune of stalker strike (apprentice)
rune of swipe (apprentice) rune of whack (apprentice)
elm buckler fashioned rawhide leather belt
tin kite shield tin tower shield
lesser noxious remedy slumber (apprentice)
tin hand axe tin parrying blade
tin scourge tin sabre
tin scimitar

More information on finding this item can be found here: The Node Knows
EQTC notes: Last update: 6/19/2006

    No Recipes were found to create this item.
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