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Welcome to EQ2 Traders Corner! For those of you who are just experiencing tradeskills for the first time, this is the proud "offspring" of EQTraders Corner (EQTC), the largest and oldest EQ tradesill sites in the world. Please remember to read the Visitors Corner message board threads before posting in the forums, as there are some rules of the road that guests are asked to follow, not only to keep things focused on tradeskills, but also to cut down on the massive workload involved in maintaining and updating this site.

Who's Who?

Niami DenMother ("Mum") - founder/creator of EQTC, this wee redheaded halfling lady is prone to spurts of activity followed by long naps in various people's packs. (Don't forget to leave some chocolate in there for her!). Due to fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, those naps are a pretty vital part of the creative process!

Ngreth Thergn("The House Ogre" or "the hubbyogre") - Mum's RL husband and reason why EQ2TC was born. He did much of the physical web design for the sites, and while his current job doesn't allow him to do much commentary on the forums, he continues to be the person that keeps Mum balanced ...or at least as balanced as a redhead ever is!

FTC guidelines require that we disclose to you that Niami DenMother's RL husband is an employee of Daybreak Games. Nonetheless, the opinions and other posts expressed here are those of the EQtraders staff and not of anyone at Daybreak Games.

Why Did We Do It?

Originally, given the high cost in time and money of running EQTC, Mum said a flat-out "NO!" when asked about an EQ2 site. However, the House Ogre can be quite convincing when he wishes, so we decided we'd give it a try and hope for the best. Things have changed a lot since then - on his job front, on Mum's energy front, on how crafting works in the game, etc., but somehow, we keep plugging along.

Bear with me, and please pardon any out-of-date-articles. I do writing spurts in chunks as time and energy allow. In the meantime, browse the How To section of the site, wander the forums, and join me for an exploration of the addiction that is crafting in EQII!

There are times when crafting makes us all a bit crazy, and I'm no exception. Here's an old, old (2004) page of just how crazy it can be!

Image provided by J. Waller of WTF Comics


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