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Furniture - Forgotten No More

Not everything that is created ever sees the light of day, and sometimes things that would make perfectly good furniture fall by the wayside. Other things ... well, there was a reason some of it wasn't released, and that they will stay unreleased into the game.

In the summer of 2021 quite a few items were pulled from the list of thing where art existed for the item, but the furniture was not available in-game. This became the basis of the Forgotten Furniture recipe books on the Marketplace.

The recipe books are buyable for Daybreak Cash (DBC) and can be scribed by any level and class of crafter. The furniture items created are heirloom (so nobody can broker them to complaints of people spending real-world coin to make in-game currency).

Since I know there have been complaints, comments and questions about the following, I want to explain a bit about the ingredients needed. While the recipes only need a newbie artisan for the scribing and crafting, the ingredients needed are mid-level. This takes some of the load off the lower tiers of harvests that are used for most live events, while not being top-tier resources that would disallow the TLE servers from accessing them. This also matches what has been done with the expansion preorder recipes for the last several expansions. Low-level to scribe and craft, mid-level resources so that all servers can craft them while still adding some "cost" to them of more than a few copper.

Anyway, enough explaining about these. Most of you are here for the eye-candy, and I don't want to disappoint you!

Forgotten Furniture: From Dungeon Maker to Home

The items in this category were furniture items only released for use in the DYOD (Design Your Own Dungeon) feature. They have been re-released as items that can now be placed in homes and guildhalls.

Blue Stone Bench
Blue Stone Long Table
Blue Stone Stool
Blue Stone Table
Broken Mandolin
Chardok Bunk Bed
Chef's Counter
Collection of Spellbooks
Crushbone Banquet Table
Crushbone Oven
Crushbone Stash
Dark Fabric Bolt
Di'zok Tome
Empty Stone Bookcase
Full Stone Bookcase
Full Stone Bookshelves
Hanging Keys of the Jailer
Lava Fountain
Light Fabric Bolt
Long Chemistry Table
Stacked Tomes
Tier'Dal Throne
Tome of History
Tome of Kor'Sha

Forgotten Furniture: Haunted House Items

A Pile of Skulls
Broken Decrepit Oaken Chair
Broken Elddar Bedframe
Broken Faydark Ornate Table
Broken Faydark Tavern Table
Broken Freeport District Chair
Broken Table Brazier
Broken Thexian Basic Chair
Broken Thexian Furbished Bookcase
Broken Thexian Table
Busted Thexian Chair
Cazic Cadaver Case
Cazic Torture Table
Erudin Iron Pot
Large Broken Bell
Royal Sarcophagus
Rusty Butcher Knife
Shattered Faydark Vase
Smashed Barrel
Smashed Faydark Ornate Table
Smashed Faydark Vase
Smashed Worn Barrel
Torture Bed

Forgotten Furniture: Household Items

An Iron Bowl
Bar Chair with Armrests
Bixie Royal Couch
Capped Round Lab Bottle
Clothing Iron
Comely Capped Vase
Comely Pot
Dervish Round Table
Dual Oaken Bookcase
Elddar Firewood Rack
Empty Pill Bottle
Fermentation Bottle
Lab Beaker
Large Glass Bottle
Large Leather Flask
Large Potion Bottle
Militia Bunkbed
Rectangular Pot
Researcher's Central Bookcase
Small Leather Flask
Thexian Bar Counter
Wooden Bar Chair

Forgotten Furniture: Kitchen Items

A Loaf of Bread
A Loaf of French Bread
A Milk Bottle
Baking Pan
Cast Iron Cooking Pot
Erudin Pot Holder
Faydark Water Pitcher
Halfling Stove
Hanging Bread Holder
Oakmyst Mug
Oakmyst Wooden Pitcher
Ornate Butcher Knife
Ornate Kitchen Knife
Simple Frying Pan
Small Cast Iron Cooking Pot
Small Simple Frying Pan
Stack of Muffins
Thexian Bowl
Thexian Cauldron
Wooden Bread Holder

Forgotten Furniture: Outdoors and Crafter Items

A Crafter's Saw
A Few Pieces of Wood
Blacksmith's Anvil
Dalnir Smithing Hammer
Dalnir Smithing Tongs
Farmer's Cultivator
Generic Compass
Grinding Wheel
Iron Bucket with Water
Pottery Wheel
Qeynos Steel Blacksmith Table
Qeynosian Sewing Table
Simple Forge
Stack of Firewood
Stack of Wood
Thexian Hammer
Thexian Handsaw
Thexian Kiln
Thexian Pottery Wheel
Wooden Firewood Rack
Wooden Grinding Wheel

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