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VoV Quested House and Appearance Items

This is part of the Visions of Vetrovia (VoV) Crafting and Housing Information Clearinghouse. VoV will release to players on December 1, 2021.

Tradeskill Signature Quest Rewards

Alghoza's Dolly
Alghoza's Pillow
Cheesemaker's Hat
Folded Blanket
Saberbeak Stork Plushie
Teal Batik Tapestry


  • Alghoza's Dolly appearance item from "Were Is the Messenger: Simple Gifts
  • Alghoza's Pillow appearance item from "Were Is the Messenger: Find the Father"
  • Cheesemaker's Hat appearance item from "Were Is the Messenger: Say Cheese"
  • Folded Blanket from "Were Is the Messenger: Covers and Crunchies"
  • Teal Batik Tapestry from "Where Is the Messenger: Local Living
  • Saberbeak Stork Plushie from "Were Is the Messenger: Different Tastes"
  • Zombie Peasant Plushie from "Were is the Messenger: Mad Machinations"

Tradeskill Mission Rewards

After completing the tradeskill signature line, daily and weekly tradeskill missions will become available in Renfry's Basement. Among the possible rewards (recipe books, weapon upgrade molds, transmuting stones, etc) from these missions will be some house items.

Ancient Mahngavi Crypt Post
Clumps of Grass
Kamapor Post
Large Mossy Karuupa Boulder
Leafy Karuupa Tree
Weathered Crypt Block
Grimalda Goodhand Plushie
Fancy Black Vacrul Bishop
Fancy Black Vacrul King
Fancy Black Vacrul Knight
Fancy Black Vacrul Pawn
Fancy Black Vacrul Queen
Fancy Black Vacrul Rook
Fancy White Vacrul Bishop
Fancy White Vacrul King
Fancy White Vacrul Knight
Fancy White Vacrul Pawn
Fancy White Vacrul Queen
Fancy White Vacrul Rook

Adventuring Quest Furniture

I do not have sources for which what comes from where, but here is what you can look forward to with regards to furniture rewards from adventuring quests:

Forlorn Grain Stack
Forlorn Grainsack Pile
Grisly Dreadfell Totem
Myrobalan Fruit
Vertra Foliage
Vile Dreadfell Totem

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