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This is part of the Visions of Vetrovia (VoV) Crafting and Housing Information Clearinghouse. VoV will release to players on December 1, 2021.

There are four furniture merchants with wares that unlock for purchase at certain stages of the adventure signature line. There is also one furniture merchant that unlocks on the crafting side of things after completion of "Were Is the Messenger: Mad Machinations." All of these merchants sell fully tradeable furniture that is sold for gold/platinum.

Dent and Scratch Merchant (Tradeskill)

Grimalda Goodhand sells wares out of Renfry's Basement, which means that only crafters who have completed the first eight quests in the tradeskill signature line can access this vendor. Her wares are, like her, a bit banged up, so her wares tend to be reasonably-priced (and creatively named!)

Antique Forlorn Chair
Archery Practice Plate
Crate from a Fire Sale
Crate of Broken Dreams
Drunken Wooden Posts
Find a Use for This
Fire Sale Lumber
Fix-Me-Upper Horsecart
Former Party Table
Gently Used Forlorn Bed
Grimalda's Clue-By-Four
It Is Meant to Slope Like This
Mysterious Pillar of Unknown Origin
No Termites Here
Ogre-Battered Wall
Slightly Battered Round Table
Slightly Damaged Forlorn Bed
Small Pile of Mystery Planks
Wider Find a Use for This

Adventure Furniture Merchants

These items are on the four furniture merchants. (Vendors are in Svarni Expanse, Karuupa Jungle, Mahngavi Wastes and Forlorn Gist.) A chunk of the images that I thought I had cannot be found, so I will get screenshots of the rest of these later.

Forlorn Gist (Merchant: Morris Bund)

Forlorn Bedside Table
Forlorn Crate
Forlorn Desk
Forlorn Desk Chair
Forlorn End Table
Forlorn Gist Coffin
Forlorn Gist Merchant Awning
Forlorn Gist Merchant Table
Vacrul Researcher's Bookcase
Vacrul Royal Hidden Bookcase
(front view)
Vacrul Royal Hidden Bookcase
(back view)
Vampire Male on a Pedestal
Vampire Female on a Pedestal
Blue Bolt of Cloth
Forlorn Dining Table
Forlorn Gist Well

Svarni Expanse (Merchant Cythala)

Kamapor Barrel
Kinnahma Weapon Rack
Narrow Kinnahma Rug Rack
Kamapor Crate
Kamapor Loom with Blue & Green Weaving
Large Rack of Kamapor Rugs
Large Rack of Kinnahma Rugs and Vases
Multicolored Trio of Kamapor Rugs
Natim Marshland Reeds
Russet Marshland Reeds
Stack of Kamapor Rugs
Trio of Orange and Green Kamapor Rugs
Rack of Kamapor Rugs
Wide Kinnahma Shelf

Karuupa Jungle Merchant (Merchant: Lalpy)

Narrow Dedraka Barricade
Wide Dedraka Barricade
Several Woven Karuupa_baskets
Grisly Dedraka Barrier
Vile Dedraka Totem
Karuupa Pygmy Stool
Narrow Karuupa Barricade
Wide Karuupa Barricade
Karuupa Fence Piece
Blue Jungle Maple Seedling
Blue Jungle Maple Sapling
Red Jungle Maple Seedling

Mahngavi Wastes Merchant (Merchant: Raharjo)

Broken Mahngavi Crypt Fence
Shattered Mahngavi Crypt Fence
Single Mahngavi Crypt Obelisk
Small Blue Mahngavi Tree
Sickly Mahngavi Tree
Healthy Mahngavi Tree
Dreadfell Crate
Dreadfell Brazier
Dreadfell Coven Standard
Elaborate Dreadfell Totem
Oval Blue and Gold Kamapor Pillow
Blue and Gold Stylized Pillow
Square Orange and Red Floral Pillow

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