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VoV Vacrul Furniture

This is part of the Visions of Vetrovia (VoV) Crafting and Housing Information Clearinghouse. VoV will release to players on December 1, 2021.

The furniture pictured on this page comes from a recipe book that will be a /claim item for anyone who purchases the Collector's or Premium edition of the Visions of Vetrovia expansion. Recipes will be level 5 to scribe, and will use level 40 resources. (The reason that this has been done for these recipes and similar ones from past expansions is so that all players, including those on the TLE servers, can craft these recipes, while making sure that the resource needs aren't quite as trivial.)

Vacrul Bronze Pillar
Vacrul Garden Plot
Vacrul Ornate Arch
Vacrul Ornate Stone Dais
Vacrul Ornate Wall
Vacrul Ornate Window
Vacrul Stone Arch
Vacrul Stone Dais
Vacrul Stone Pillar
Vacrul Wood Pillar
Vacrul Wooded Wall

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