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VoV Handcrafted Furniture

This is part of the Visions of Vetrovia (VoV) Crafting and Housing Information Clearinghouse. VoV will release to players on December 1, 2021.

Items on this page are level 121-125 handcrafted carpenter recipes. Recipes will be available on recipe book vendors as you level up.

Item names in bold red in the table below are items with anchor point issues that will be fixed with the December 7, 2021 patch. Please do not bug report them before that point.

Aged Rock Wall
Aged Stone Block
Allosaurus Head Trophy
Basic Kinnahma Shelf
Basilisk Head Trophy
Basket of Kamapor Rice
Battered Wooden Beam
Bear Head Trophy
Blue and Green Abstract Pillow
Blue Floral Pillow
Boar Head Trophy
Bowl of Kamapor Rice
Bowl of Kamapor Tea
Broken Forlorn Barrel
Broken Forlorn Bowl
Broken Forlorn Crate
Chest of the Coven
Chitin Terror Head Trophy
Clump of Green Svarni River Grass
Clump of River Reeds
Cockatrice Head Trophy
Collection of Centaur Barrels
Colorful Stack of Kamapor Rugs
Crumbling Rock Wall
Crypt Candle
Dead Mahngavi Tree
Dedraka Warding Spikes
Desert Pillar
Double Stems of Cattail Fuzz
Dresser of the Coven
Empty Kinnahma Display Shelves
Forlorn Barrel
Forlorn Bowl
Forlorn Dining Chair
Forlorn Grainsack
Forlorn Lamp Post
Forlorn Mug
Forlorn Wooden Chair
Green Diamond Design Pillow
Green Karuupa Fern
Group of Karuupa Rocks
Group of Svarni River Grass
Hanging Kamapor Lantern
Hollow Karuupa Log
Jumble of Rocks
Karuupa Boulder
Karuupa Bucket
Kinnahma Wares Display
Large Brown and Gold Kamapor Jar
Large Rack of Kinnahma Rugs
Large Rock Slab
Large Vacrul Bush
Low Rectangular Kinnahma Shelf
Low Wall Rubble
Marsh Algae
Orange and Red Floral Pillow
Orange and Red Stylized Pillow
Oval Blue Kamapor Pillow
Patch of Red Daisies
Pygmy Bench
Pygmy Brazier
Pygmy Meat Platter
Pygmy Bench
Rack of Kinnahma Rugs
Raptor Head Trophy
Rectangular Rack of Kinnahma Rugs
Red Karuupa Fern
Red Vacrul Vine
Rickety Karuupa Ramp
Round Blue Floral Kamapor Pillow
Round Golden Kamapor Pillow
Round Green Floral Kamapor Pillow
Round Table of the Coven
Scattered Pygmy Bones
Sealed Tea Crate
Short Desert Pillar
Small Brown and Gold Kamapor Jar
Small Vacrul Bush
Square Box of the Coven
Square Opened Tea Crate
Square Rack of Kinnahma Rugs
Square Tea Crate
Stool of the Coven
Svarni Bush
Tall Stack of Forlorn Sacks
Torn Forlorn Grainsack
Travel Wagon Hitching Post
Trio of Kamapor Rugs
Triple Stems of Cattail Fuzz
Twisted Mahngavi Log
Unlit Pygmy Brazier
Unlit Vacrul Chandelier
Urzarach Head Trophy
Wagon Wheel
Weathered Slab of Rock
Windworn Desert Rock
Worn Karuupa Basket
Zelniak Head Trophy

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