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Q. What is Tinkering?

A. Tinkering is the art of making a wide variety of gizmos, gadgets, thingamabobs, etc. from common harvested items, however, note that tinkers seem to have a hard time getting "normal" folk to understand them, so many of the more complex items that you can make are for your own personal use, not for resale to the uneducated masses. (Many of the more powerful items are either no trade or tinker-only.) These items are all made on the work bench and cover a wide array of things both useful and silly.

Q. Who Can Tinker?

A. Any crafter or adventurer that owns the Echoes of Faydwer expansion can choose to be a tinker or a transmuter. Tinkering trainers at the Butcherblock Mountains (BBM) docks or in Kelethin in the Greater Faydark (GFay) can certify you.

Q. Where Do I Get Recipes?

A. Most tinkering recipes are called "Blueprints". Some will be vendor-sold on tinkering vendors in BBM, GFay and Steamfont Mountains, others will be body drops off appropriate level mobs. For further details on tinkering recipes, see the appropriate sections of Recipe Book Basics and Recipe Books - A More In-Depth Look

Q. What is the Difference Between Skill and Level?

A. There are five skillpoints to every level, just like with all other skills, and most things will refer to your raw tinkering skill, not your level. Gnomes like to be complex and confusing, just because, though, so your recipes will display in the book by level and you'll have to multiply by five to figure out what that corresponds to skill-wise. (The real reason, of course, is that that code for recipe books handles things by level, while your persona sheet displays things by raw skill.)

Q. What is This Talk of a Skill Cap?

A. You can only raise your tinkering skill up to the level of your primary tradeskill or your adventuring level (whichever is higher), so if you're a low-level crafter and adventurer, you can only become a low-level tinker. If you're a high-level crafter or adventurer, you can work your tinkering skill up higher. For example (note that everyone training in tinkering starts with a skill of 10):
  • Blargg is a level 10 outfitter. His tinkering skill would be at 10/50 to start, and he could raise it to 50/50. When he dings 11 outfitter, he can work his tinkering skill up another 5 points, maximum, to 55/55. At 12, the cap goes to 60, and so on.
  • Gizmofidget is a level 70 tailor, with a tinkering skill of 10/350 to start. With hard work and lots of resources, he can, in time, become a 350 tinker as well.

Q. Where are my Tinkering Reaction Arts??

A. Unlike primary tradeskills, you have to buy your six reaction arts from the tinkering vendor, then manually scribe them. While there are no negative events to counter in tinkering, you WILL need to use those reaction arts as buffs, activating at least one, if not two or three of them, every round, in order to impact your progress.

Q. If These Don't Differ By Quality, Why Worry About Quality Level With Reaction Arts?

A. Tinkered recipes have a secondary result. Higher quality levels completed mean more of the secondary result returned to you. For example, many of the first tinkering recipes use 10 iron, 10 salty loam, 5 electrum. The higher the quality level you complete, the more iron is returned to you at the end of the combine.

Q. How Do I Get Skillups?

A. At the end of beta, there is currently a 50% chance of gaining a skillup on an even-con item. This number may be subject to change once they see how things go in the next couple weeks. You receive no skillups from simply using reaction arts.

Q. What Sort of Resources Do I Need?

A. Loam will be the bane of your existence, followed closely by ore. However, in every tier you will need that tier's ore, loam, soft metal, gem and as well a bit of wood. Each tier varies in useage, but there's generally at least 1 recipe in the tier that will ask for wood, for example.

Q. What Is This About Mana Batteries?

A. While the initial plan was to include mana batteries in the game to allow the recharge of various charged tinkered items, this plan fell by the wayside. There is one recipe, Fizzlebottom's Wondrous Hover-Gasser, that will allow you to use your Overclocked Gnomish Hovering Device when it runs out of charges, but that is it.

Q. What is This About Tinkered Adornments?

A. Every class, and both secondary skills, get class-specific adornments. Tinkers with the proper recipes are able to create bow adornments. Some are vendor-sold recipes, others are dropped. Further details can be found at the bottom of Recipe Books - A More In-Depth Look.

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