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Renewal of Ro: Handcrafted Furniture

This is part of the Renewal of Ro expansion information. See the linked article for more details on other aspects of the expansion.

Handcrafted Carpenter Furniture

These recipes come from the three Plateaus Carpenter's recipe books that can be found on guildhall recipe vendors after you complete the Researchers of Ro tradeskill timeline.

Axe on a Stump
Basic Raj'Dur Jar
Block of Takish Patina*
Blooming Agave
Blue and White Eggs
Bundle of Coiled Rope
Burned Skeleton
Elaborate Takish Urn
Feldar Farm Cart
Feldar Farm Fencing
Feldar Farm Saddle Rack
Five Green Takish Bowls
Fresh Ear of Corn
Green Takish Bowl
Husked Ear of Corn
Immature Cornstalk
Large Basket of Crabs
Large Blooming Agave
Large Green Takish Bowl
Large Stack of Hay Bales
Lidless Takish Urn
Long Stormfury Crab Crate
Mass of Mountain Vines
Mature Cornstalk
Mountain Vine Ground Cover
Narrow Necked Green Takish Bowl
Raj'Dur Cactus
Raj'Dur Crate
Raj'Dur Double Palm Tree
Raj'Dur Hanging Lamp
Raj'Dur Tentpost
Raj'Dur Triple Palm Tree
Sandstone Salt Formation
Shallow Basket of Crab Legs
Shallow Goblin Baskets
Stormfury Bed
Stormfury Crab Crate
Stormfury Fish Rack
Takish Cauldron
Takish Fish Trap
Takish Thornplant
Takish Thornplant Trio
Takish Tree
Tall Green Takish Bowl
Tall Takish Tree
Tall Takish Urn
Tropical Raj'Dur Tree
Tropical Raj'Dur Tree

*Takish Patina is a full block set.

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