EoF Recipes and You

One of the first things that any crafter is likely to ask when faced with a new expansion is "Where can I find the new recipes?" Here's a summary of special recipes that were added with the EoF expansion, and where to find them:

(For those items listed as being sold only in the EoF expansion zones, hop on a boat at the end of the Nektulos Forest docks or the Thundering Steppes docks, and head over to Butcherblock Mountains (BBM) for the start of your shopping and exploration sprees.)

A Bit More on the "Humanoid-Type Mobs"

By humanoid-type mobs, we mean things like NPCs, skeletons, orcs, gnolls, goblins, giants, kobolds, bugbears, and other critters that are smart enough to "talk". In tier 2 and onward, these will be the same types of mobs that are able to drop the plant food parts and guild status items.

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