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GU122: Empire of Antiquity Tradeskill Goodness

A few months have passed since the buried Elddar city of Takish'Hiz was reopened, the defeat of Malachiel Caedor, the Terrene Tyrant, and the subsequent Renewal of Ro. The magical waters of Growth flow once more, revitalizing the flora within the buried city of lore. News of these events and the awe-inspiring city have spread across Norrath, carrying whispers of power and potential found within, inspiring contentious treasure seekers, historians, and devoted worshipers to explore the sight for themselves.

Enter the contested realm of 'Buried Takish'Hiz: Empire of Antiquity' through the portal statue at Madman's Rest within the Takish Badlands. Unlock powerful artifacts and learn impressive arcanum as you explore the history of the Elddar Empire, battle aggressive aspects of Growth, and protect the site from terrors without and within!

Introducing the release of the Empire of Antiquity! While the above quote was aimed more at adventurers than at crafters, crafters are definitely not left out of this Game Update. Dangers still abound, however, so one must tread carefully if one wishes to complete this content.

This is a contested zone, and aggressive creatures will be everywhere ... if adventurers haven't killed them off. If you must afk, do so in the entry area of the entire zone, or in the Artisan's Ancilla, which is a safe area.

Crafting: What to Expect

  • Short tradeskill quest line from Gnorbert in the Artisan's Ancilla section of Buried Takish'Hiz: Empire of Antiquity
  • Tradeskill Daily Missions after completion of Gnorbert's two quests with some new rewards.
  • A complete set of new level 125 crafting gear.
  • Four new red tradeskill collections and a meta collection
  • A GORGEOUS new guildhall that can be unlocked!
  • Stackable mount gear patterns
  • Distillation and dilution recipes for Visions of Vetrovia materials

Tadeskill Quests: Takish Delight

Gnorbert, who was last seen in the Tranquil Sea, has moved up in the world, and is now determining if the antiquities merit a D.I.R.T.Y. digsite. Level 125 crafters who have completed the RoR quest "Researchers of Ro: Renewal" should recive mail from Gnorbert with directions on where to find him. Travel to the Takish Badlands, and you will find the portal near Hamdi in Madman's Rest. Once you teleport, check the portals and find the one for the Artisan's Ancilla. You will be questing there and within the Elddar Exchange. You will need various Renewal of Ro common harvests. There is a fuel merchant on-hand in the Artisan's Ancilla for your crafting needs.

The first quest will grant you guild status, coin, 4 D.I.R.T.Y. D.O.G.G. currency, and a Group of Artifact Crates for your home. The second quest will grant you guild status, coin, two Blue Takish Blossoms for your home, and four D.I.R.T.Y. D.O.G.G. currency that is spent with merchant Milicent Boomfligger, who appears in the Artisan's Ancilla once you complete both quests. (More on her wares in a bit.)

Group of Artifact Crates
Blue Takish Blossom

Tradeskill Missions: D.I.R.T.Y. Jobs

Once you have completed both Takish Delight quests, you will have access to five different daily missions that are on the normal mission timer. (Journal > Mission Timers. Search on "D." to find the timer for these new missions.

These missions autocomplete and grant you coin, guild status, one or two Verdant Takish'Hiz Guildhall tickets if you are in a guild, and something from the tradeskill mission reward pool. Rewards include crafting nails, Renewal of Ro recipe books, a tradeable recipe book for a new set of gold marble blocks, a couple new house items, and rare Stein of the Alebrewer recipe. The Stein of the Alebrewer recipe is a 2-charge recipe book for a tradeable (until attuned) stein that will allow you to bind an additional teleport point to a single bartender of your choice in Norrath. (You must speak with the bartender with the stein in your possession in order to bind the additional teleport point.) There is a bartender in the Buried Takish'Hiz: Empire of Eternity if you wish to bind your stein there.

Floraform Ant Plushie
Large Magenta Takish Blossom

New Crafting Gear Set

So, you are up to your eyeballs in crafting nails, but are missing several slots of crafting gear? Have we got goodies for you!

Milicent Boomfligger, located in the Artisan's Ancilla, sells a complete set of level 125 crafting gear. By complete, I mean every single equipment slot, not just the armor, but weapons and accessories as well. These items will require the heirloom D.I.R.T.Y. D.O.G.G. currency that is earned from the Takish Delight quests as well as the D.I.R.T.Y. Jobs missions. The armor has a custom appearance, and the shoulder pieces send out random sparks of electricity. The armor is pictured at the top of this page.

Milicent also sells a few house items for 4 D.I.R.T.Y. D.O.G.G. tokens apiece, for those who collect such things:

Carnivorous Cactus Plushie
Floraform Frog Plushie
Orange Takish Bloom
Pink Takish Bloom
Teal Spectral Takish Bloom
Yellow Spectral Takish Bloom

New Collections

There are four new red tradeskill collections located in Raj'Dur Plateaus, Takish Badlands, Sandstone Delta and Buried Takish'Hiz: Empire of Antiquity. Completion of these collections not only grants you a house item reward, but also gives you a meta collection piece in order to claim the fifth reward (Nail-Filled Shed). In order to see these collections, you will need to have completed the Renewal of Ro tradeskill signature line. Collection pieces are tradeable, as are the rewards.

All I will say in my defense is people were complaining that they needed something to build with all the tradeskill nails they were getting from tradeskill missions! :P

Nail-Filled Table
Buried Takish'Hiz: Empire of Antiquity
Nail-Filled Chair
Raj'Dur Plateaus
Nail-Filled Crate
Sandstone Delta
Nail-Filled Fence
Takish Badlands
Nail-Filled Shed
Meta Reward

The Guildhall

The Verdant Takish'Hiz Guildhall is unlocked via a guild achievement, via virtual tickets that automatically are consumed by the achievement when you earn them. (No ticket lands in inventory. If you are in a guild, the guild achievement increments when you earn a ticket.) One or two tickets are earned per 18-hour D.I.R.T.Y. Jobs tradeskill mission. Tickets can also be earned from adventuring content. The guildhall requires 400 tickets to be unlocked for purchase.

Ocarinah made a Verdant Takish'Hiz Guildhall video for everyone to see how utterly gorgeous this Growth-themed hall is!

Other Odds and Ends

Distillation and Dilution recipes for Visions of Vetrovia transmutation materials are now located on recipe vendors across Norrath.

Mount Gear patterns (sorry, only the patterns, not the mount gear, due to the items having stats) will now stack in inventory for the following types: Delta, Empyral, Ensorcelled, Forlorn, Glintswift, Hizite, Karuupa, Mahngavi, Merchant's, Sacrarium, Sambata, Sanctum, Shadowed, Takish, Vacrul, Void Etched, and Warewolf.

A Final Note

I'll repeat this for those who have just skimmed without really reading. This zone is dangerous! As a level 125 crafter, regardless of your adventuring level, you are expected to know how to wait for mob pathing and watch for aggro. Do so, and you will survive. Fail or get impatient, and you will get attacked. I know there will be some who complain loudly about this but a level 125 crafter should not expect utter safety.

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