The Essential Tailor

The Tailor class is one of three profession choices for Outfitters when they speak with a crafting trainer for their level crafting 20 certification.

The Basics

This is the profession that works with the sewing table & mannequin to create cloth and leather armor, bags (and other leather-based containers), hex dolls, dress clothes, cloaks and ranged thrown ammo items.


For all of your level 20 and higher Tailor recipes, you will be working with the sewing table and mannequin, (also referred to as the loom). Mind you, you can still make all of the under-20 items for outfitters and artisans on the appropriate equipment, but your main focus from here forward will be on tailoring various items.

Items Made

Tailors craft cloth armor for mages, as well as leather armor for druids and brawlers. They also make hex dolls, leather containers (backpacks, quivers, ammo sacks), and ranged slot items for ammo users (bandoliers, satchels, sheaths, pouches). If that wasn't enough to interest you, they can also create stylish cloaks and fancy dress clothes for men and women. To top it all off, there are also specific adornments for gear that are only crafted by tailors.

Some of these items can be a bit confusing, so here are some particulars:

Item Progression

If you are not already familiar with it, now is the time to become aware of the concept of "item progression". What this means for tailors, essentially, is that not all pieces of some armor sets are available in all tiers. However, as you progress through the tiers, more pieces of the set will become available. This generally means that the chest and legs of some specialty sets are available in one tier, then boots or such are added in the next tier, and so on. Charts are available, linked at the bottom of this article, displaying armor slot and stat progression, as well as the progression for the four ranged slot items for ammo users.


If you somehow missed this during your time as an Outiftter, or you are returning to tailoring after a very long break, here is a bit of explanation on imbues with regards to tailored items.

Starting in tier 2, you have recipes to use the pseudo-rare imbue materials from each tier to create an imbued version of certain items. This will add either a proc or a triggered spell to the item, based on the item type. In all cases other than hex dolls, you must first craft a pristine version of the item that needs to be imbued.

For tailors this includes the chest and legs for the base leather and cloth armor sets, hex dolls, and ranged ammo slot items. Chest slot items have a chance to proc a heal DoT when damage is taken. Leg slot items have a chance to proc a damage shield effect when damage is taken. Ranged ammo slot items (bandoliers, etc.) can proc extra damage on a successful ranged attack. Hex dolls activate one of five slow-cast debuffs, with the spell varying based on the type of doll. (For more information on hex dolls and debuffs, see the hex doll guide at the bottom of this guide.)

Reaction Arts

Ah, that sneaky crafting trainer! He/she is at it again with the stealth addition of reaction arts and quietly added a new set of Tailoring reaction arts to your Knowledge Book when you spoke with them to ding you to level 20. Additional tailoring arts will be added when you ding 30, 40, 51, and 61. (The odd numbers in tiers 6 and 7 were due to the levels being added during expansions.)

The Resources

You will find yourself using a large amount of roots and hides during your time as a tailor, as well as ore and a small bit of wood here and there. Did I mention a large amount of roots? You can effectively ignore the gem and soft metal nodes, as well as the food nodes. However, I recommend harvesting them anyway to clear the space for fresh nodes (as well as to have a chance for imbue materials, and gem & soft metal rares to sell).

The Rares

You will be using rare roots in each tier for rare cloth armor, rare hex dolls and rare cloaks. You will need rare pelts for rare leather armor, rare backpacks, quivers and sacks, as well as for the four rare ranged slot items for thrown ammo (bandoliers, satchels, pouches, sheaths). Base cloth and leather armor sets, hex dolls and the ranged slot items for thrown ammo, all in both common and rare form, can be imbued.

The Books

The tailor essential books from levels 20-79 can be found on the crafting trainer NPCs, found outside the various crafting instances in Qeynos and Freeport starting zones, and in or near the crafting areas for other cities. Common and rare cloak recipes for tiers 3-7 will be sold by vendors with the "Tailor" tag under their name in Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin and Neriak (T8 cloak recipes are in the appropriate tailor essentials book.)

Your Advanced tailor recipes will be chest drops off creatures of similar level to the level of the book.

Other details on recipe books can be found in Recipe Book Basics and Recipe Books - A More In-Depth Look.

Quick Notes

  1. Harvesting your own resources makes a lot of sense, especially in the lower tiers. It keeps your costs down, and gives you a chance at valuable rares that you can either use for yourself, or sell to help fund your crafting addiction.
  2. Your largest amounts of tradeskill experience come from making one pristine combine for every recipe. We tend to refer to this as "discovery xp."
  3. Just because you have hit level 20, don't mentally block out the fact that you still have level 11-19 outfitter recipes and tier 2 resources. These can be a good source of additional tradeskill experience, as well as some lower-cost skillup options, due to the lesser fuel costs for tier 2.
  4. If you are in a guild, you will also want to look into tradeskill work orders, available once you hit crafting level 20 as a way to earn coin and guildstatus while crafting. More details can be found here.
  5. Those who own the Fallen Dynasty expansion, can, at level 50 quest for a 36-slot harvestables bag and a tailoring charm item that will increase your tailoring skill and decrease your failure rates. More information can be found here.

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