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Furniture - Frostfell 2006

Frostfell 2006 (patched to the servers on Dec. 20, 2006), included many new holiday furniture items that can be only be crafted for a limited time. The items themselves will stay around, but the ability to make more of them will be removed when Frostfell is removed from the servers (sometime in mid-January 2007, we expect). In all cases, there will be two sets of items with the same look, but different names, for the vendor-sold version of the item vs the crafted version of the item. Only the crafted versions will have status rent reduction, and in the case of the fireplaces, only the player-made hearths will have the option to adjust the flames. This article will focus on the player-made versions.

  1. Zone into the Frostfell Wonderland Village (from the magic closet in QHarbor, WFP, Haven or Kelethin)
  2. If you are planning on crafting your own versions of items IGNORE the vendor to the left as you enter - his prices on recipes are inflated. You will buy the recipes from the fuel vendors in this instance for a better price.
  3. Join the hordes of folks running around harvesting presents for the ingredients needed ... did you remember to clear LOTS of bag space, and bring your harvesting shovel?

Other Necessary Details

There will be 70 different items to harvest if you plan on trying to make everything, so expect to take up quite a bit of time and space on this. This event should be around for a couple of weeks, starting December 20, so don't panic if you don't get everything immediately.

Recipes can be scribed by anyone who has at least reached artisan 2. However, craftsmen (carpenters, woodworkers, provisioners) will have an easier time on making pristine on the furniture items, due to having at least tier 2 reaction arts in sculpting and artistry. Outfitters will have an easier time with the clothing items, due to their reaction arts. Scholars should not fret, though, as the status reductions on most of these items are 5/10/15/20, making pristine not such an urgent thing. :)

Items must be crafted on the special Frostfell equipment in the Frostfell Wonderland Village instances (Frostfell stove & Frostfell workbench on the island located at 156, -35, -1554. Frostfell looms and more Frostfell workbenches are to the west on an isle at 532, -35, -1302)), and will use fuel sold only in those instances. All items and harvestables are tradeable, and ALL of the crafted items have a version that is vendor-sold (with no status reduction attatched) ... for a price. It will be up to the players to decide if they want to spend the time harvesting for craftables, or spend that time working on earning cash to buy premade items. :D

Pristine on the food items for the home will yield 3. The sturdy fruitcake will yield 10 fruitcakes for throwing on pristine.

When you are down to missing just a single item or two for your target creation(s), be aware that there are three types of present "nodes". The single red box with the green bow is where you will find the items needed for candles, sconces, packages, and snowcreatures. The stack of boxes with the blue box on top will carry your items for wearables, wieldables, and ribbons. The stack of prezzies with the small red box on top will carry the ingredients for fireplaces and decorative foodstuffs. Be aware, though, that consistent "cherry pickers" vulturing of only one node type are likely to be beaten with candy canes and pummeled with snowballs by all the OTHER irate crafters in the zone.

Screenshots of the wearables will be included at this link in the fashion section as they become available.

Status Rent Reductions

Status rent reduction on food/drink items will be 15. Hearths have 10/15/20/25 reductions based on quality level. All other crafted Frostfell furniture items will be 5/10/15/20 based on quality level.

Fun with Food and Drink

The various food and drink items only have a single version, regardless of quality. Instead, yields will change based on quality level, with pristine creating three (unstacked) of the item. When these items are placed in your home, they allow your guests to take a serving of that food or drink. These will give the person a no-trade, no-zone food or drink item with a health (food), or power (drink) regen rate of 10 (basically, tier 1 newbie food), and a duration of five hours. There are two exceptions to this: 1) Mama's Eggnog will give you a tradeable alcoholic beverage that does a very short-duration inebriation and a chance to increase your alcohol tolerance. 2) For whatever reason, these foods and drinks do not allow you to take servings, if you are on the Test server.

Light My Fire!

There are FIVE flame settings, available via a right-click examine on the three crafted hearths once they are placed in the home:


Did you know that the higher the quality level on your snowperson, the larger it is? Make whole snowfamilies by mixing and matching crude, shaped, pristine, etc. snowmen and snowwomen! (Click on the snowpeople below for an image that shows the relative sizes of the four quality levels.)
Put out
Burning embers
Roaring fire
Warm fire
Festive flames
Flame settings reset when the last person leaves the home, and will need to be set again on re-entry, as desired.

And now, without further ado, the actual furniture!

Blue & White Decorative Frostfell Gift Box
Blue Decorative Frostfell Gift Box
Green Decorative Frostfell Gift Box
Red and Gold Decorative Frostfell Gift Box
Red and White Decorative Frostfell Gift Box
Red Decorative Frostfell Gift Box
Envious Frostfell Bow
Grand Frostfell Bow
Radiant Frostfell Bow
Natural Stone Hearth
Ornate Cobalt Hearth
Sandstone Hearth
Frostfell Snowdrift
(includes snow particle effect)
Frostfell Snowman (click for sizes)
Frostfell Snowwoman (click for sizes)
Festive Frostfell Sconce & Candles
Glorious Frostfell Sconce & Candles
Merry Frostfell Sconce & Candles
Regal Frostfell Sconce & Candles
Red Frostfell Stocking
Red and Gold Frostfell Stocking
Stuffed and Roasted Fowl
Gigglegibber Cranberry Sauce
Mama's Eggnog
Spiced Eggnog
Moist Fruitcake
Frostfell Candies
Frosted Apples
Green Frostfell Stocking

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