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Crafted Gear Progression Charts

by Niami DenMother

Not all armor and weapon types are created equal, nor can you find everything of all types in all tiers. It can be quite confusing when you are trying to upgrade your gear, to know which what to request from your neighborhood tailor, armorsmith or weaponsmiths. Add in the imbue option, and it can be an exhausting and frustrating project just to sort out a slot-by-slot gear request.

Well, I can't really speak for the rest of you folks, but at least it is confusing to me! Here, then, are some charts detailing stat and slot progression for crafted gear types. As with many crafted items, actual stats will vary based on the quality (crude, shaped, (none), pristine) level of the gear, and thus are not included here.

GU48 introduced stat and progression changes to crafted armor sets - all armor charts have now been updated to reflect the new changes.

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