GU33 Patch Notes

Game Update 33 Notes

* A new experience awaits adventurers in Deathfist Citadel.
* Chapter 2 is revealed in the Swords of Destiny saga.
* Butcherblock quest lines have been expanded for more questing fun in the new lands.
* Conjurors receive a new profession hat!
* A new macro system lets you dress in a hurry for parties or raids!


* Citizens of Freeport and Exiles using evac spells in Antonica will now be transported close to the Thundering Steppes.
* A number of enhancements were made to help improve the performance of servers during raids.
* Deathfist Citadel:
o The Deathfist orcs have just finished completely remodeling their citadel in the Orcish Wastes!
o New challenges and riches await groups of stalwart adventurers within the Deathfist Citadel! This change brings a few new faces to the Orcish Wastes that are anxiously seeking the help of adventurers just like you. Entrance to the citadel can be had via the old sewer entrance or by removal of the gate keeper, Vigo Cerebus. Once slain, the gate remains unlocked for those wishing passage. Additionally, several old quests in the dungeon have been retooled and have had their rewards altered to reflect the newest item rules.

But wait, there's more!

o New armor sets can be crafted by using the enchanted blood iron forge within the citadel. Crafters interested in creating these new pieces of armor should keep an eye out for new recipes and raw materials that can be found throughout the dungeon.


* Vaniki's ring may now be transmuted and offered at deity altars.
* Books that have quests now indicate that in their tooltip and examine info.
* Dark Elf Wizards have corrected the problem with flying carpets and hover platforms moving slowly in reverse.
* The issues with the adornment on the Plate Helm of the Ether should no longer occur.
* The Cloak of Flames, Dwarven Ringmail Tunic, Robe of the Oracle, Crested Mistmoore Shield and Staff of the Observers should now open an examination window upon inspection.
* Wristbands of Lost Knowledge: The effect Channeling Force should now trigger much less sporadically.
* Particles now play on the Absolution dagger, The Annealed Defender sword and the Sword of Pain when sheathed.
* Ivy-Shrouded Orb of Tunare once again emites particles.
* The appearance for the Breastplate of Nem Anhk now matches the rest of the Aegis of Nem Anhk item set.
* Collection quest items should no longer have duplicate (or conflicting) information about their place in a collection.
* Dark Elves everywhere rejoice! Numerous items with "Teir'dal" included in the name are now spelled correctly!
* The examine data for a number of tinkered items which convert damage taken into power have had their text clarified.
* The Ravasect Voulge has been renamed Ravasect Claymore, and now has a more appropriate 2 handed appearance.
* The collectible shiny shards will now have correctly formatted prose.
* Tooltips and examine windows for Collection items now indicate if you've already collected all you need of the item.
* Templars & Inquisitors may now use the Luclinite Forged Bracers.
* Items from the contested Mayong have been upgraded.
* The triggered effect from the Staff of Unending Growth should now work on raid members outside of the casters group.


* The Finesse of the Magi line of adornments should no longer cause other hostiles in the vicinity to become aggro.

Spells & Combat Arts

* Percentage heals will now update the actual health healed rather than the percentage healed when using a healing pulse item.
* Reflection spells will no longer trigger unless you are engaged in combat
* The examine text for the singing shot line should now note that a ranged weapon is required.
* Lure of Innoruuk will no longer damage group members.
* Ranger's Arrow Rip will now return the last arrow consumed by auto-attack rather than a completely different arrow.
* Percentage heals will now update the actual health healed rather than the percentage healed when using a healing pulse item.
* The npc berserker spell raging blow should no longer draw players into combat.
* Ranger Enhance: Pathfinding should now always apply properly after zoning or camping.


* Bard:
o Harbinger's Sonnet: Selo's group speed song will properly add the in-combat run speed bonus when the Harbinger's Sonnet achievement is added. Previously, the entire benefit of the song would suspend when the player was in combat.


* Mounts moving through water will no longer lose their their fullspeed reverse.


* Poisons will no longer use spell damage modifiers found on a number of items.


* Players can further their quest of the Swords of Destiny by reading a book found within the Acadechism of Crushbone Keep.
* The caravan escort portion of Court of the Blades: Dukarem's Purge, Part II should once again be working correctly.
* All players above the level 18 can now assist Trapper Coalbear in the quest, "The Number One Threat to Butcherblock"


* Added a new recipe to recharge the Overclocked Gnomish Hovering Device. See Gnort Fizzlebottom in Steamfont for more information!
* The Scintillating Balanced Fastening will now properly give the correct bonus - Scintillating Defensive Screen. Previously it incorectly pointed to the Lambent Defensive Ubiquity adornment.
* The tinkering and transmuting reactions arts will now display their techniques properly in the tooltip.
* Long-lost tinkering recipes for adornments have now been found! Many creatures have horded these, but an intrepid gnome at the Gnomeland Security Headquarters, Gnort Fizzlebottom, has begun to copy some of those he's found.
* Removed the recipes for the divine/disease imbued wands from Advanced Woodworker volume 25. The recipes for these wands remain in volume 26.
* Adamantine Broadhead Arrows will now be properly classified as handcrafted.
* Removed the level 69 recipes incorrectly placed in the 63 tailor books and added them to the level 69 tailor books.
* The tailored windcloth scarf now properly requires level 60 to wear instead of level 65.
* The Remarkable Noxious Remedy will now properly show the same dispelled levels of toxins on both mouseover and examine info.
* The jeweler recipe name and description for Culling the Weak has been changed to properly reflect the name of the spell it creates (Culling of the Weak).
* Commission work no longer needs the primary component placed in the first slot.
* After reviewing the build components used in Tinkering recipes, the number of components used has been reduced by half across the board. Fuel costs remain unchanged, but the number of compoents returned by successful recipe creation has also been halved. The overall net result is a lot less resource usage for tinkerers.


* Updated several zone lines to prevent PvP exploitation.

Enhanced Macro System

* New user interface. Drag and drop items, spells and abilities to create macros
* Create macros to equip multiple items to specific slots for quickly swapping gear
* Create macros from spells/abilities in your hotbar by right-clicking and choosing "Create Macro"
* Assign any icon to a macro by dragging it to the icon in the macro window
* Macros display reuse timer shading based on the first spell in the macro


* The Estate of Unrest:
o Fixed an issue in Unrest that would cause the dolls in the nursery to reset to an unattackable state after they were partially defeated and the players wiped to the attack.
* Butcherblock Mountains
o Several new quests have been added to Butcherblock Mountains! These quests are intended for players who are level 24 and above. Seek out Grot Leadarm in Fort Irontoe East, Hamish Felderham in Felderham's Folly and Trozusk Ripscar, east of the bridge that spans Darkfall Gorge.


* The chat bubbles should no longer display when turning away from an npc
* Enhanced the mail sent message to tell who the message was sent to and to say what was sent to them.
* When 2 players create a raid the class and level information should now display correctly.
* You can now use Alin's Melodic Refrain with the useability macro
* You should now get a proper error message if you try to follow someone a second time.
* Memory usage in the UI is now more constrained, which means less memory usage with longer play times.
* Fixed an issue causing some raid zones to not give a warning upon leaving.
* Raid groups of one player will no longer be stuck in a group if they leave the raid.
* You can now invite a player to start the third or fourth group of a raid while they are ungrouped.
* The target arrow above your target's head will no longer bounce around while riding on a boat or elevator.
* The guild recruitment window will now send a maximum of 40 guilds to a player instead of 20.
* If you are given access to a home by someone other than the owner, the message will now correctly tell you who has given you access to what house.
* %o, %s and %p should now work properly when targeting female players.
* Queen Amree in Kelethin will now show a book over her head on the Kelethin Citizenship quest.
* Adjusted the text on triggered effects which can proc off either a melee attack or a spell.
* UI Moders can now use the 'child' property of an object to refer to a child object that has the same name as a property value. Example:
* In the raid window, script cannot reference controls such as the text control Group1.Member1.Name because .Name refers to the name of the page Member1. The control can now be referenced using the syntax: Group1.Member1.child.Name.

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