GU38 Preview

GU38 is currently on Test, and, as usual, there is a bit more there than initially meets the eye. Also, as usual, I have my own perspective on what to highlight in a preview. {grin}

Among all the other things coming with GU38, I'd like to draw attention to:

You Look Mahvelous, Dahling!

For those that napped through the heat of August, here is a reminder that crafted chain and crafted plate armor sets are getting new looks. Most of the changes to looks were in the lower tiers to smooth out looks, allow them to blend better when you mix and match sets, etc.

But what happens if you don't like your new look? Or you have a mish-mash of armor for stats, and another set for dress purposes? Perhaps you have a set of gear that you outgrew, but held onto for sentimental purposes and special occasions? There will be a new Appearance Tab on your inventory sheet for items that you want to wear for looks without sacrificing any of your AC and stats. In a change since this originally went to Test, you will be able to wear any item that your class could wear (this allows tanks to wear robes and other silliness). In addition to armor, you can throw on crafted dress clothes, old Nights of the Dead masks, and so on into the appearances tab to further customize your look.

On the left is the equipment tab, showing what Mum was actually wearing at the time. She then added a dress to the appearance tab, and her in-game appearance changed to what is seen on the right. Note that the dark blue shaded areas indicate slots that do not allow for appearance change items.

Bristlebane Returns!

Mum isn't the only one who has missed being able to formally worship that great prankster and creator of the halflings, Bristlebane. (Niami has been taking his name in vain for a very long time, but he is just now formally "going public" for his adoring and mischievous fans.)

I won't spoil the quests for you, but I am happy to give you a preview of his new crafted altar appearances, in both common (left) and rare (right) varieties. (Carpenters who already have the altar recipe books will find that these recipes are automagically added to their recipe book.)

Huzzah for Harvestables!

Roots, roots, more roots. Ore, ore, more ore. Only some of them cause you great difficulties in figuring out which ones are which at a quick glance. Fret no more as new icons are going in place for many harvestables, to make it a bit easier to tell at a glance which ones are which. The rare icons are akin to the common icons, but with added sparkles. Once the dust has settled, I'll make sure to get up a screen shot page displaying them all. In the meantime, I have a quick peek for you of what Mum's bags full of harvestables look like on Test at the moment.
Common Harvestables
Rares: Now with more sparkles!

Weapon Wielding

As has been mentioned several times, the dual wield designation for weapons is going away. These weapons will be turned into one-handed weapons, with appropriate changes made to damage/delay, and adjustments made for any weapon placed in the off-hand. Two handed weapons will also get a boost to their damage ratio to continue to make them desireable in certain situations. (This will sort of throw a large wrench into the item entries for our database, as well as change the crafted weapon progression chart a tad, so bear with us ... again/still. Some year things may stabilize enough so that we're not having to redo large chunks of the database on an irregularly regular basis.)

Recipe Books!

Tired of having to remember where to find your level 51-59 recipe books in Maj Dul, then sorting out which spot where in Kingdom of Sky has your level 60-69 books? You can forget that little mad dash from place to place, as recipe book vendors (crafting trainers) will stock all your essentials books through level 70!

Crafting Faction Furniture Items

The status vendors for the Kelethin and Neriak tradeskill societies were pretty stingy in their offerings, as many have noticed. This update will see the addition of status-purchased furniture available via the crafting society factions for those two cities. Gnobrin recently provided the community with a few images

Crafting Quest and Provisioner Love?

Level 20+ crafters will now be able to pick up a quest from their crafting society headquarters (Ironforge Exchange, etc.). Crafters will be asked to perform a task (harvesting) in return for a small reward (level 20-29 advanced book). I will have up further details on this later in the week.

But what is this about provisioner love? I'm curious to see how many folks actually read this far and notice this. There is a level 25 advanced provisioner book with 4 new recipes in it for provisioners. Again, I'll do more of a preview, likely tomorrow, on the new "fun" items that provisioners will be able to make. {grin}


Of course there's more! However, not only are things subject to change while still on Test, but many of the other changes don't impact crafters as much, so I leave them to other sites to cover. If you want up-to-date information on current changes on the Test server, I recommend keeping an eye on the Test Update Notes section of the SOE forums. (Of course, I am a big fan of those who want really, really in-depth Test information to actually go to Test and help poke at things, but that is another kettle of fish.)

No, Really, We Want More NOW

All right, all right, here's Part Two of the GU38 Preview.

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