GU38 Patch Notes


Dual Wield Changes

To allow for a better selection of weapons for all classes, the Dual Wield designation on weapons has been removed. These weapons are now either One Handed, Main Hand, or Off Hand.

The damage on these weapons has increased, bringing them in line with pre-existing One Handed weapons. While wielding two weapons, the base delay of your melee weapons will be increased by 33%, yielding a small net gain in damage compared to what existed with Dual Wield weapons. For example: A 3 second delay weapon will instead act every 4 seconds while you are dual wielding. These weapons will also use the longer delay when determining whether or not to proc any special effects on them, gaining a more beneficial proc rate.

The damage rating on Two-Handed has also been raised slightly to ensure that Two-Handed weapons remain appealing.

Bristlebane Returns

Do you consider yourself a practitioner of pranks, a student of the silly, or even a fan of the funny? Does the idea of pulling a practical joke over on someone sound like your idea of a good time? If so, you might make an excellent follower of Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane, the Grand Prankster. Recently scores of puckish jesters, fanciful bards and quick-witted thieves have all been spreading rumors about the imminent return of their favorite Sire of Shenanigans.

If Bristlebane has truly arrived and resumed his place aside the other gods who have also returned to Norrath, why has he waited until now? What sort of mischievous plans does the Royal Trickster have in store for his faithful followers? What about the other gods who have yet to reveal themselves since their departure? The answers to these questions are undoubtedly wrapped within a riddle only Bristlebane himself can solve.

Those interested in devoting themselves to the Master of Mischief should speak with Tobel Patadash, the self-declared Prophet of Bristlebane at the docks of The Enchanted Lands. Be advised, however, that the Gigglegibber Goblins have their own nonsensical opinion of who they believe the real Prophet of Bristlebane is as well!





In efforts to clean up examination windows, the following effects now appear as attributes instead of as added effects, and have had their text description size reduced:

Guild Status Items








Spells/Combat Arts
















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