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Furniture - Frostfell 2007 Offerings

Ah, Frostfell! The winter holiday celebrated with eating, drinking, and ... prezzies!! Lot of prezzies to give and get! C'mon. Admit it. Doesn't all the "stuff" make a difference? {grins}

Except for the "Permanent New Recipes" section below, these items will only be able to be crafted during the Frostfell season (Dec. 12 when GU41 went live until sometime after New Year's Day), using equipment and resources found in the Frostfell Village instance. Once the instance has been removed, you will no longer be able to craft more of these items. (The items themselves will stick around, just your ability to make more is removed when the special crafting equipment goes away.)

Note that all items below that look like food or drink are house items that allow you and any houseguests to take a serving of the item to eat or drink, as appropriate. Other than the Mama's Eggnog, which provides you with an alcoholic drink, these items are no rent, no zone, so eat first, zone after! :D

Permanent New Recipes

These three recipes are here to stay and will be found in Craftsman Essentials Volume 10 (red), Carpenter Essentials Volume 20 (green), and Carpenter Essentials Volume 30 (white)
Red Holiday Candle
level 10
Status: 25
Green Holiday Candle
level 20
Status: 30
White Holiday Candle
level 30
Status: 35

New With 2007

These items are brand-new this year, and will be "limited-time" recipes. Once the Frostfell Village is closed, you will be unable to craft more of them. All can be crafted by a level 2 artisan or higher.
Swaying Blue Paper Lantern
Swaying Purple Paper Lantern
Swaying Yellow Paper Lantern
Frostfell Carol
Greeting Card

Frostfell Feast
Greeting Card

Frostfell Wishes
Greeting Card

Pitcher of Mulled Claret
Status: 15
Hot Chocolate Mug
Status: 15
Bowl of Spiced Eggnog
Status: 15
Decorative Green and Black
Striped Candy Cane

Decorative Purple and Black
Striped Candy Cane

Decorative Red and Black
Striped Candy Cane

Decorative Red and White
Striped Candy Cane

Frostfell Chip Cookies
Frostfell Shaped Cookies
Tiny Snowman Plushie
Tiny Snowwoman Plushie

Returning from 2006

These recipes were from Frostfell 2006, and are being made available once again this year. Note, however, that while the gift box recipes are the same from last year, the names and sizes of the items that are made from them are a bit different than what you saw last year. (Click on one of the boxes below to see the size comparison for that box.) As with the new stuff, these items can only be crafted while the Frostfell Village is available. Once the Frostfell events are over, you will be unable to craft them. All recipes require that you be at least a level 2 artisan to scribe/craft them.
a Fancy Blue Gift Box
Blue and Gold Gift Box
a Small Green Gift Box
a Fancy Red and Gold Gift Box
a Fancy Red Gift Box
a Red and Green Gift Box
Envious Frostfell Bow
Grand Frostfell Bow
Radiant Frostfell Bow
Frostfell Snowdrift
(includes snow particle effect)
Status: 20
Regal Frostfell Sconce
Status: 20
Regal Frostfell Candles
Status: 20
Festive Frostfell Sconce
Status: 20
Glorious Frostfell Sconce
Status: 20
Merry Frostfell Sconce
Status: 20
Festive Frostfell Candles
Status: 20
Glorious Frostfell Candles
Status: 20
Merry Frostfell Candles
Status: 20
Green Frostfell Stocking
Status: 20
Red Frostfell Stocking
Status: 20
Red and Gold Frostfell Stocking
Status: 20
Stuffed and Roasted Fowl
Status: 15
Gigglegibber Cranberry Sauce
Status: 15
Mama's Eggnog
Status: 15
Spiced Eggnog
Status: 15
Moist Fruitcake
Status: 15
Frostfell Candies
Status: 15
Frosted Apples
Status: 15

Discontinued 2006 Items

Thehearths were discontinued, not because there was anything wrong with them, but because non-holiday versions of them are crafted by carpenters. (If you still have the recipes and ingredients from last year, they can still be crafted, however.)

The snowman and snowwoman, on the other hand can no longer be crafted. You can, however, still buy prefabricated versions of them from the McScroogle vendor in the Frostfell Village.
Natural Stone Hearth
Ornate Cobalt Hearth
Sandstone Hearth
Frostfell Snowman
Frostfell Snowwoman

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Post-poublication change tracking. Dec 10: added size comparisons for gift boxes.

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