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Fashion - Frostfell 2007

Another year has come and gone, and this time down the Frostfell fashion runway, it is NOT just last year's dress clothes. (They're still around, mind you, but we've several lovely new items for you as well!)

But first, the important note: These recipes will go live with the release of GU41 and can only be crafted in the Frostfell Village instance, using recipes and ingredients obtained there. Once the Frostfell event has ended (sometime in January), you will no longer be able to craft them. These recipes require that you be at least artisan level 2 to scribe and craft them.

New For 2007

Feeling like a nice comfy robe to curl up in this Frostfell, but tired of the same-old-same-old looks? Here's a lovely new robe style in five different color options.
Festive Robes On Her
Festive Robes On Him
Very nice, you say, but you were hoping for something with a bit more zing? How about this set for the snappy dresser!
On top of these festive new looks, we can also once again craft the Frostfell clothing from last year's event.

Returning from 2006

On top of dress clothes and hats for the ladies and gents, there is a craftable candy cane staff in each tier. As a weapon, it isn't anything earth-shattering (though the sticky residue slow proc is amusing), but for looks, it can be a huge amount of fun, as you run around trailing a peppermint swirl sort of particle effect.
Her Frostfell Finest (on female)
Her Frostfell Finest (on male)
His Frostfell Finest (on female)
His Frostfell Finest (on male)
Her Festive Mood (on female)
Her Festive Mood (on male)
His Festive Mood (on female)
His Festive Mood (on male)


Frostfell clothing articles are wearable at level 1, with a mitigation factor of 1. Outfit names will have a quality name assigned to them, that follows after the His/Her tag on the item. Crude=Faded, Shaped=(nothing), Third quality level=Vibrant, and Pristine=Overdyed. (i.e., Her Vibrant Frostfell Finest) All versions other than the crude/faded also include a +100 cold resist bonus. Outfits, like the standard dress clothes, do not need to be attuned. The different quality levels are tinted slightly differently (getting brighter as you progress from faded to overdyed). In the case of the Festive Mood set, wearing the outfit of the opposite gender (male in Hers, femal in His), also gives a slightly different look. Many thanks to Keisha for the fabulous examples below!

Frostfell Elf Hats

Hat names follow the crude/shaped/(none)/pristine naming for the three hat colors (red, green, blue), are mitigation 7, and include very tiny bonuses. Crude=1 sta, shaped and 3rd quality level=1 sta, 2 vs cold, pristine=1 sta, 5 vs cold. Shaped and better quality levels of the crafted hats also apply a "Frosty Breath" particle effect (need to be attuned to get the effect).

Candy-Striped Staff

The staff items are available for every tier (level 2, 12, 22, etc. to wield), equippable by every class, that must be attuned to be used. Damage/delay on them is not meant to be impressive, and various quality levels/tiers will also have some minor stat bonuses to them. All versions will include a lovely little peppermint-swirl particle effect when equipped.

This article is also part of a collection of articles for the GU41 Preview

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