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GU41 Preview - Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

GU41 is currently on Test, and ooooh, the prezzies we are going to get when this update goes live have my little halfling heart doing the watusi. As usual, I'm going to be focusing on the items of interest to tradeskillers. There is, of course, more to the update than just the tradeskill items, but I'll leave that for others to cover. I've got more than enough on my plate, so to speak, with the tradeskill portion of the update.

First, however, the obligatory disclaimer, because I just know someone is going to mis-read and think they should be able to see this stuff immediately, if not sooner, on their normal server. {Mum gestures for a tiny fae carrying a large megaphone to start speaking.}

{After taking a deep breath, the fae speaks in a surprisingly deep voice.} "This is a preview. These items/events are only on Test. I do not have an ETA of when this update will be released to the rest of the servers. There is also no guarantee that what we see on Test will be what makes it into GU41, so be aware things may change slightly beforehand." {Halfway through the last word, the fae's voice breaks, shifting up an octave. As he starts coughing, Mum gently shoos him towards a waiting bowl of eggnog.}

Now that that is out of the way, I'll start with the non-Frostfell items first.


Some of you may remember various people asking Domino for tableware house items. Others of you may remember seeing a thread by Domino in the SOE forums asking what zones seemed to suffer the worst shrub infestations due to cherry pickers and the like. I doubt that many of us expected this amusing merge of the two topics. It seems there is a VERY hungry halfling on the Thundering Steppes docks, and he wants you to go out and gather (harvest) some food for him before he starves. In return, he'll give you a dish for your home! You can read more about it here.


Three new candle recipes are being permanently added to the appropriate recipes books. Craftsman essentials volume 10 will now carry the red holiday candle, Carpenter essentials volume 20 will carry the green holiday candle, and Carpenter essentials volume 30 will carry the white holiday candle. They will require a bit of loam, as well as a bit of the tier-appropriate meats (and a bit of carbonite for the green one, to add the proper green tint.) While meat may seem like an odd ingredient to add to candles, it hearkens back to when tallow (rendered animal fat) was used quite a bit in candlemaking. (Yep, that picture at the top of the page shows all three of the new candles. Neat, aren't they?)


The four T8 redwood streetlamps apparently got a little too much Quik-Gro solution before they went live. This game update will shrink them down a little to something that is less likely to break through your ceiling due to size. (Sorry, no screenshots handy of the new sizes at this time.)

Mastercrafted Armor!

I was reminded that I forgot to cover this one, so here's a little something to tide you over. Mastercrafted armor stats are getting a needed boost in GU41. Check out this GU41 Mastercrafted Armor Guide" for some quick comparisons of the old and the new stats!

Achievement Respec House Item

Are you one of those folks who frequently wants to change where their points are allocated paths based on if you're soloing or raiding? Or perhaps you're one of those dedicated crafters who has 40,000 or more faction with their home tradeskill society? (Ironforge Exchange, etc.) There is going to be a new item that you may be interested in.

Bare-bones, there will be a crafted no-trade item (you can use the commision system) that can be placed in your home, allowing you to store an achievement profile. From what I understand, the primary ingredient will drop in Tier 8 dungeons. The no-trade recipe can be purchased by level 75+ crafters who have 40,000+ faction with their tradeskill society. The item will be no-trade, but can be crafted via the commission system.

Harvesting Notes

A small but exciting change with GU41 will be the ablity to harvest while under attack. Yayy!!

In other harvesting news, the skill minimum for Kylong Plains harvesting, which had been accidentally set to T6 skill levels, will be raised to 340 skill.


Frostfell is the traditional EQ2 winter holiday. It is a time for feasting and merriment, and, of course, prezzies. Those who were around for last year's events will find quite a bit that is familiar, but with some new twists, not only in the quests, but in the crafted goodies as well. (Again, I'm not going to be covering the Frostfell quests, just the crafting stuff.)

Perhaps Mum had a bit too much eggonog as she was making items for Kaisha to take pictures of, or perhaps it was just Bristlebane getting into the holiday spirit, but you have your choice of three different perspectives on how to obtain various Frostfell items for your home.

  • McScroogle Style! - You just want some of the "stuff" without all the harvesting and crafting.
  • Mum Style - Your eyes are pinwheeling faster than the peppermint swirl effect on the candycane weapons and you want to revel in every glittery second of it!
  • Mundane Style - forget all that rp-stuff, you just want to know the basic details. Bah humbug! This one will give you details about harvesting skill levels and all that jazz.

Crafted Frostfell Goodies!

(Also known as "How Mum and Kaisha spent several days on Test w*rking like madwomen to get these galleries set up for you")

Ok, ok, I know you've been fidgeting around, waiting for the real eye-candy, so, without any further ado, grab a bucket for the drool and check out these:

That's all for now, folks! I don't know about Kaisha (didn't she do a fabulous job on all these images?), but Mum needs a really longgggg nap before this hits her server, so she can be up all night making paper lanterns that day!

Post-Publication Change Notes - after this document was originally published, the following changes were made:

  • Note about the redwood streetlamps was added - Dec. 10
  • Article about mastercrafted armor was added - Dec. 11
  • Added basics of achievement respec house item - Dec. 11
  • Added harvesting notes - Dec. 11
Expect additional updates if anything is changed/added to Test.

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