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The Node Knows - Which What is Where

Please read the Harvesting Skill section below for an important change to harvesting skill requirements on nodes.

Resources used in tradeskills are scattered throughout the lands and it helps to know which what you can find where, and what harvesting skill level you will need, before you head out into the wilds to harvest.

The Basics

Resources are split into tiers that match adventuring/tradeskilling tiers. Each tier will have its own unique resources and rares that can only be used for recipes contained within that tier. (Details on the varying uses of harvested rares can be found here.)

Which What?

So, what goes with which tier and node, and how do you know which is the right harvesting skill for that node?

Names on the nodes will vary from zone to zone, so I'll use more generic names here to make it a bit easier. Ore nodes carry the metals for armor and weaponsmithing as well as the loams for fighter and scout combat arts and use the mining skill. Gem or stone nodes carry the metals and gems used for jewelcraft as well as priest and mage spells and also use the mining skill. Roots refer to the roots, tubers and other fibers that are used as a base for almost everything will use the gathering skill, as will the shrubs and gardens for cooking. Wood nodes, unsurprisingly, carry the woods and use the foresting skill. Various fish are used mainly in cooking, and use the fishing skill. Dens hold the critter harvests (pelts and meats) and use the trapping skill.

What About harvesting skill?

As of November 12, 2013 you will no longer need a minimum harvesting skill in order to harvest nodes in a given tier. However, you will still need to reach at least that minimum rare harvesting skill for a zone if you hope to harvest that tier of rares.


  • Tier 1: Forest Ruins, Oakmyst Fores, the Caves, the Peat Bog, the Ruins, the Sunken City, the Sprawl, the Graveyard, Greater Faydark, Darklight Woods, Timorous Deep, Frostfang Sea. (Note: the Sprawl and the Graveyard have no fishable spots)
  • Tier 2 - Antonica, Commonlands, Vale of Shattering, Greater Faydark (eastern portion near Crushbone and the spires), Darklight Woods, Timorous Deep, Frostfang Sea
  • Tier 3 - Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest, Zarvonn's Tower (Eternal Gorge), Butcherblock Mountains, Firemyst Gully
  • Tier 4 - Enchanted Lands, Zek, Cove of Decay, Bloodskull Valley, Steamfont
  • Tier 5 - Rivervale, Feerrott, Everfrost, Lavastorm, Steamfont (wetlands and area near it)
  • Tier 6 - Sinking Sands, Pillars of Flame, Lesser Faydark
  • Tier 7 - Loping Plains, Tenebrous Tangle, Barren Sky, the Bonemire (node types will vary based on the KoS island that you are on, and not all islands contain all types of nodes)
  • Tier 8 - Kylong Plains, Fens of Nathsar, Kunzar Jungle, Jarsath Wastes, Moors of Ykehsa
  • Tier 9 - Sundered Frontier, Stonebrunt Highlands
  • Tier 10 (level 90-95)- Withered Lands, Cobalt Scar, Eidolon Jungle, Obol Plains, Vesspyr Islands
  • Tier 11 (level 96-99) - Tranquil Sea, Phantom Sea
  • Level 100 (ToT) - Thalumbra
  • Level 100 (KA) - Obulus Frontier (only 1 rare node, shadeweave bud, to cover all rares. KA use ToT commons for crafting. Bud is a rare spawn only in the Twark and Warslik's Woods areas of Obulus.)
  • PoP (level 101-110) - The Plane of Magic
  • Chaos Descending (level 110) - CD overland zones (Doomfire, Detroxxulous, Vegarlson, Eryslai)
  • Blood of Luclin (level 111-120) and Reign of Shadows (120) - The Blinding, Aurelian Coast, Wracklands, Echo Caverns, Savage Weald, Shadeweaver's Thicket
  • Visions of Vetrovia (level 120-125) - Svarni Expanse, Karuupa Jungle, Mahngavi Wastes
  • Renewal of Ro (level 125) - Raj'Dur Plateaus, Takish'Hiz Badlands, Sandstone Delta

Rares are noted in bold italics on the table below. This now includes the new rare food harvests found on shrubs.

Note that Vale of Shattering, and Bloodskull Valley both require access quests in order to harvest in these instances.

Tier Min rare
Ore (mining) Gem (mining) Roots (gathering) Wood (foresting) Den (trapping) Shrub (gathering) Fish (fishing) Imbue
1 0 tin cluster, leaded loam, bronze cluster, solidified loam rough malachite, lead cluster, rough lapis, copper cluster roots, yarrow severed elm, severed alder rawhide leather pelt, deer meat, waxed leather pelt raw white tea leaf, jumjum, baubbleshire cabbage, black coffee bean, yarrow, dreadberry frog leg, sunfish none
2 20 iron cluster, salty loam, blackened iron cluster, alkaline loam electrum cluster, rough turquoise, silver cluster, rough coral tuber strands, sisal root, glowing material severed maple, severed bone tanned leather pelt, vulrich meat, elephant meat, cured leather pelt raw carrot, raw black tea leaf, murdunk orange, Antonican coffee bean, sisal root, fire melon crab meat, freewater grouper glowing
3 90 carbonite cluster, pliant loam, steel cluster, malleable loam gold cluster, rough agate, rough jasper, palladium cluster belladonna root, dandelion fiber severed ash, severed fir boiled leather pelt, lion meat, pig meat, cuirboilli leather pelt steppes mountain bean, sweet onion, fayberry, oolong tea leaf, dandelion fiber, halcyon plum seafury mackerel, thicket crayfish sparkling
4 140 feyiron cluster, supple loam, feysteel cluster, ductile loam velium cluster, rough opaline, rough opal, ruthenium cluster tussah roots, oak root severed briarwood, severed oak, glimmering material bear meat, griffon meat, etched leather pelt, engraved leather pelt cucumber, green tea leaf, everfrost ice bean, wild apple, oak root, rockbud fruit murkwater carp, shark fin glimmering
5 190 fulginate cluster, bonded loam, ebon cluster, fused loam rough bloodstone, diamondine cluster, rough ruby, rhodium cluster ashen roots, figwart root severed teak, severed cedar strengthened leather pelt, owlbear meat, wyrm meat, augmented leather pelt browncap mushroom, white peach, lavastorm robusta bean, pu-erh tea leaf, figwart root, elixia pepper nerius trout, cauldron blowfish luminous
6 240 indium cluster, soluble loam, cobalt cluster, alkalai loam beryllium cluster, rough nacre, vanadium cluster, rough pearl succulent roots, saguaro root severed sandalwood, severed ironwood stonehide leather pelt, caiman meat, sabertooth meat, scaled leather pelt prickly pear, darjeeling tea leaf, artichoke, maj'dul coffee bean, saguaro root, ireheart radish tiger shrimp, conger eel lambent
7 240/250# adamantine cluster, porous loam, xegonite, spongy loam, blue-silver sheet^ rough topaz, azurite cluster, rough moonstone, acrylia cluster, perfectly cut purple geode^ hanging root, nimbus root rough lumbered rosewood, rough lumbered ebony, a perfect osseous lumber^ horned leather pelt, ravasect meat, aviak meat, dragonhide leather pelt, a strip of supple leather^ sweet chai tea leaf, soaring coffee bean, xegonberry, squash, nimbus root, bristleskin gourd flying fish scintillating
8 340 ferrite cluster, mineral salt loam, incarnadine cluster, silicate loam rough kunzite, deklium cluster, rough fire emerald, tynnonium cluster lichenclover root, mantrap root redwood lumber, mahogany lumber bristled pelt, *** hidebound pelt torsis tea leaf, cabilis cocoa bean, cranberry, succulent petal, mantrap, blood orange baracuda, king prawn, magma rock fish^^ smoldering
9 375 titanium ore, brellium ore, (no further loams**) amber, quicksilver cluster, ulteran diamond, kaborite cluster bamboo shoot, toxnettle root sumac lumber, eucalyptus lumber mottled pelt, !! spotted pelt lapsang tea leaf, caynar nut, marr cherry, kejekan palmfruit, toxnettle root, greenroot tuber giant octopus meat, seahorse roe ethereal
10 425 rhenium ore, tungsten ore amethyst, iridium cluster, black star sapphire, osmium cluster matoppie roots, banyan root swamp ash lumber, bubinga lumber, etherwood lumber* thick bear pelt, panther meat, raptor meat, metallic reptile hide aduki bean, plump lychee, ripe mangosteen, white peony leaf, ashenbone clover cutthroat trout, plump haddock effulgent
11500 Cadmium ore, carbide ore uncut tourmaline, iodocus cluster, sapphire bixbite, lumium cluster leonid root, hiven root larix lumber, araucaria lumber ragged leathery hide, stringy meat, pristine leathery hide handama leaf, kith peppers, hylocereus fruit, sulfur fruit, stormthorn fresh thresher fin incandescent
lvl 100 (ToT)500 splitiron ore, glittervein ore umbrite, bornite nodule, lumicite, arcannium thalumbral root, deepstone root malduran lumber, petrified lumber abyssal pelt, umbral pelt mycelial tendrils, wild tempeh, fruiting sporangium, fruticose lichen, battle plantain, victornut umbral trout, abyssal angler (also shinies!) thaumic
lvl 100 (KA)500 shadowstone ore luclinite nodule, shadow quartz shadeweave root shadebark leathery shadeleaf (rare foods use ToT harvested food rares battle plantain and victornut) none none, uses ToT imbue mats
PoP##550 etherium, rubicite ore golden ember, darkstone storm stalk, strand of ether gnarled entwood, storm ent heartwood plumewit hide, greatmole meat, cnidcara hide deadly mushroom, rock fern, storm stalk, matron's heart nightmare cichlid none
CD silvered fleck, golden fleck reef cluster, azure sapphire strangler root, casiun root dewpalm lumber, arborian wedge nimbic hide, basilisk meat, needlescale hide deadly terrorfruit, wandervine fruit, strangler root, casiun root, judicator palm heart flitterfin tang none
BoL & RoS600 luclizite cluster, prime luclizite cluster humming azurite, humming sapphire gem slow creeping root, jumping creeper hornbeam spruce log, wracked wood wedge hardened zelniak pelt, rockhopper meat, lustrous rockhopper hide, zelniak steak radiant algae, lunar mushroom, slow creeping root, lunar pome, shrieking mushroom splitfin dartfish, lantern hogfish none
Vetrovia625 forlorn ore, aligned ore star diopside, tsavorite amsonia roots, baptista root narra wood, amboyna burl greytusk hide, wild rhino meat, deino hide, pteradon meat mahngavi mango, wild rice, jungle kumquat, kamapor tea svarni silverfin, redfin pickerel none
Renewal of Ro650 pallasite ore, chromite ore apatite gem, taelosian sphene brittlebush taproot, echevaria root desert willow wood, yucca wood dustmaw hide, goat meat, aramapine hide, crocodile meat cactus fruit, takish fig, oasis olive, raj'dur date bonytail chub, desert catfish none


  • **Tier 9 and above do not use common or rare loams. The fighter and scout CA recipes moved over for the next several expansions to use the soft metal products as primary ingredients. In even later tiers, they varied more.
  • ***Meat in Tier 8 is used differently than previous tiers. Meats are only found as a drop off appropriate creatures, but they are also only used in special faction-purchased recipes. Den nodes in T8 only provide pelts. The meats for T8 are: brute flesh, devourer meat, hornet meat, drachnid meat and mountain giant meat.
  • ^heritage quest harvests: blue-silver sheet (ore), perfectly cut purple geode (stone), a perfect osseous lumber (wood), a strip of supple leather (den). Used in the Draco Mortuus vos Liberatio heritage quest. Click the link above for more details.
  • # Minimum skill for T7 harvesting was originally 290, then dropped to 250 to make skillups easier for those who did not have the DoF expansion, but did have KoS. Also, Loping Plains and the Bonemire were further reduced to a minimum 240 skill.
  • ^^ Requires that you have the collapsible fishing pole equipped, and be very close to (sometimes swimming in) the lava in Jarsath Wastes in order to attempt to catch it.
  • !! Meat in tier 9 is mob dropped. It makes both handcrafted recipes (health and power food and drink) as well as faction based infusions and reductions.
  • *Etherwood lumber (used for house actors) can come as an ultra-rare when you harvest a bubinga lumber
  • ## Two notes for PoP. The first is that examining a node still says that a 600 skill is needed for rare harvesting, when you can harvest them at skill 550. The second is that any node can also grant you a "Planar Energy", which is used in the level 11-15 ascension spells.

But What About Velious 1 Content?

The original two Velious zones, Great Divide (GD) and Eastern Wastes (EW), do not contain normal nodes for tier-related crafting. Instead, they contain harvests that are used in various crafting quests as well as in faction-based Velious recipes. The Cliff Notes version of the harvesting information is that: Mining nodes are found in high rocky peaks (around the Goahmari Village in GD, and various spots in EW), the chillblossoms are found in high snow-covered areas (around the Goahmari Village in GD, and various spots in EW), and the dens are found around areas where furry critters converge, like the othmir villages, the gnoll camps and the goahmari village.

But Wait, There's More!

There are several "ultra rare" harvests that can be found on any node in a tier (including fish!). One set of harvests is used for grandmaster spells, the other harvest is used for primordial adornments. The spellshards and foundations for grandmaster spells are fully tradeable, the primordial fragments are no-trade and the resulting adornment is heirloom.

TierSpellshard/FoundationPrimordial Fragment

(Details on the varying uses of harvested rares can be found here.)

If you still need a list of resources that were removed with the harvesting tables with GU24 (including crafted loams and such), and what they can be used to replace in current recipes, try the Resource Substitution Chart"

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