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GU42: Erollisi Day Crafting

Erollisi Day 2008 events have ended, and the primary ingredients for these items are no longer dropping. However, those with the recipe book scribed, and love notes and/or hard candies on hand, can continue to make these lovely items.

Ah, to arrive in the lands and find mail from your Secret Admirer, along with a lovely fresh-cut rose (optional charm item, with a single charge of "give rose" on it). Whoever your mystery sweetie is, they hope you will meet while speaking with Dalron in East Freeport or North Qeynos (for a quest), or out in Antonica or Commonlands chasing down Erollisi Essences (a quest/race). They even promise to think of you while crafting you beautiful gifts.

Waitasec, there. Crafting gifts? That's right, as if all the other GU42 goodness wasn't enough, there is also this year's event in celebration of Erollisi Day (Erollisi Marr, goddess of love), which includes some lovely crafted items.

I'll let you folks explore the quests on your own time, while I zero in on the lovely crafted items, as well as some vendor-sold ones.

Two vendors are in Qeynos Harbor and East Freeport (I haven't had a chance to check other cities), named Steven and Douglas. They sell a lot of lovely romantic items at special prices (see below). In addition, Steven sells the level 2 artisan recipe book "Romantic Gifts to Craft". Contained in that book are 14 recipes that any artisan can craft, and two tinker recipes.

While these don't require a special crafting instance, like the Frostfell items did, they do require an ingredient that won't drop except while the Erollisi Day festivities are going on. (Sorry, I don't know how long the event will last, but I will try to find out a rough estimate, at least.)

Love Notes and Hard Candies

For those of us living in the real world, Valentines Day can bring to mind candy hearts with cute messages on them, as well as Valentine love notes. It seems that the intelligent/humanoid types in EQ2 have some similar ways of celebrating this holiday of love. Like last year, humanoid mobs (the same ones that drop status loot, etc.) have a chance drop a love note or hard candy as a body drop (this means the mob can be grey and still drop it). This year, however, there's a twist or two!

These little testaments of love have two uses, and this means you may be at war with yourself over whether you're going on a buying or a crafting spree. First, you can hand them in to Liannya Heartswell (the Romantic), for special coins that are used to buy many lovely romantic items sold by Steven and Douglas (I must get an Erollisi Teddy Bear, no ifs, ands or buts!) The second use is, yep, you guessed it, as the primary ingredient for these special recipes.

Romantic Gifts to Craft

Basic Info

The recipe book is called "Romantic Gifts to Craft" and it costs 1g 1s 50c from NPC Steven, one of the Erollisi Day Gifts vendors. It requires level 2 artisan to scribe and is no trade. The fourteen artisan recipes are then scattered across several pieces of crafting equipment, based on item created, and will be a difficulty level 10 combine. The two tinkering recipes are skill 30 combines. Other than the requirement of any love note or any hard candy (interchangeable), these items will require tier 1 common ingredients and tier 1 fuels. Items created will be tradeable house items with 15 rent status reduction per item. Yields will be from 1 to 3, depending on item and quality. (The lounges are 1-2, the rest are 1-3.)

The Items

Click on the images below to see recipe and a size comparison for the item.

Erollisi Marrsipan
Stove & Keg
Frosted Erollisi Cookies
Stove & Keg
Essence of Amour
Chemistry Table
Distilled Devotion Number 9
Chemistry Table
Plush Chaise Lounge
Luxurious Chaise Lounge
Purple Heart-Shaped Pillow
Red Heart-Shaped Pillow
White Heart-Shaped Pillow
Yellow Heart-Shaped Pillow
Pink Roses Blooming with Love
Woodworking Bench
Purple Roses Blooming with Love
Woodworking Bench
Red Roses Blooming with Love
Woodworking Bench
Yellow Roses Blooming with Love
Woodworking Bench
Gold Mechanosynthetic Rose
Work Bench
Silver Mechanosynthetic Rose
Work Bench

Other Little Details

  • The two tinkered items can be crafted by nontinkers, but since you will not have access to the tinkering reaction arts, and the difficulty is rated as "very hard", you will have difficulties crafting one of these if you are not a tinker.
  • The "blooming With Love" roses have a right-click option to make them "bloom", each with a unique particle effect.
  • Unlike the Frostfell food, you cannot "take a serving" of the cookies or Marrispan.
  • The cookies and Marrsipan require vanilla bean, a new vendor-sold item.

As always, heartfelt thanks go out to Kaisha Triol for late-night screenshotting and image editing while I crafted ... you really do NOT want to see what this page would have looked like if we had to resort to my limited graphical skills! :)

Also, make sure to check out the other GU42 offerings in the GU42 Crafting Preview and the Crafter Cloaks Teaser

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