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Furniture - Mannequins

Mannequins were added with Game Update 42 as a way to display favorite pieces of armor and weapons in your home. These are a special category of house item, with recipes that are based on faction, not crafting class. Note that Game Update 61 changed the recipes to no longer need rare pelts.


  • City crafting society faction merchants will sell the (no trade) "Display Stands for All Occasions" recipe book to anyone who has earned 30K or more faction with that crafting society.
  • The book, which can be scribed by any crafting class, can be scribed at level 55
  • Recipes within the book are level 75. This will provide some challenge for 55-75 crafters, but is still doable
  • Recipes require tier 8 common ingredients (changed in GU61, before that, they used hidebound
  • Mannequins are fully tradeable, and can be dressed up by anyone who has trustee access to the home in which they are placed
  • Items are displayed on the mannequin, not placed. This means that these are not used as storage. They are display only.
  • You may display any clothing, armor or weapon item(s) that you have in inventory (house vault also works) on the mannequin, and, based on the gender of the mannequin, it will display the male or female version of that piece.
  • Once you have displayed the item on the mannequin, you may delete, sell, transmute, etc. the item if you so desire, without fear of losing the "look" on the mannequin (until such time as you or another intentionally changes it)
  • To display: right-click on the mannequin once it has been placed in your home, select the Customize option, and drop the item into the appropriate slot on the mannequin.
Medium Female Mannequin
Medium Male Mannequin
Froglock Female Mannequin
Froglock Male Mannequin

Mannequin Interface
Dressed for Success?

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