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Crafting Tools Quick Reference

This page covers crafted crafting tools. Eventually, I may cover the quested and faction-sold ones as well.

All Classes

  • Eye of the Fearcreep - head slot, level 90 crafter to equip, created by armorers from the advanced armorer level 90 recipe book, it gives +5 to all crafting skills.

By Subclass

Cranial Capacitors are created by tinkerers, and are for level 50+ crafters, worn in the head slot:
  • Craftsman's Cranial Capacitor: +5 artistry, +5 fletching, +5 sculpting (carpenter, woodworker, provisioner)
  • Outfitter's Cranial Capacitor: +5 metal shaping, +5 metalworking, +5 tailoring (armorer, tailor, weaponsmith)Scholar's Cranial Capacitor: +5 artificing, +5 chemistry, +5 scribing (alchemist, jeweler, sage)

Class-Specific Basics

These crafting tools are class-specific items, created by tinkers, that grant you an increased success chance while performing your primary tradeskill. They are charm (optional) items, so you need to attune them and carry them in inventory in order to receive the Overclocked Tools buff.

These tinkered tools will not stack with each other. If you wish to quest for additional class-specific crafting items, check out the level 50 quest from the Isle of Mara, the Grandmaster questline that starts with Journeyman Service (cloak is awarded for the level 30 quest, then another for the level 50 version), and the level 80 crafting epic series. The name, amount of success chance increase, and required crafting levels are as follows:


  • Reinforced Gnomeproof Beaker, 1%, level 20
  • Gnomish Gas Mask, 2%, level 33
  • Never-ending Bag of "The Good Stuff", 3%, level 54


  • Automated Rounding Hammer, 1%, level 20
  • Gnomish Toughened Ring Press, 2%, level 33
  • Qeynos Classified Information of Bulkward, 3% level 54


  • Feng -shui Environmental Reader, 1%, level 20
  • Gnomish Level, 2%, level 33
  • Woodelf Eye for the Troll guy, 3%, level 54


  • Gnomish Ring Press, 1%, level 20
  • Gnomerific Magnifying Device, 2%, level 33
  • Enigma of Tunare, 3%, level 54


  • Izzitedibleforpepl Probe, 1%, level 20
  • Gnomish Thermometer, 2%, level 33
  • Screewoggin's Bag of Spices, 3%, level 54


  • Gnomish Self-Inking Quill, 1%, level 20
  • Gnomish Quick Erasealler, 2%, level 33
  • Eye of Agamatoo, 3%, level 54


  • Mechanical Threaded Needle, 1%, level 20
  • Gnomeproof Thumb Cap, 2%, level 33
  • Guide: Roots. The Fabric of Life, 3%, level 54


  • Automated Finishing Hammer, 1%, level 20
  • Automated Honing Stone, 2%, level 33
  • Freeport Classified Information of Armament, 3%, level 54


  • Automated Finishing Saw, 1%, level 20
  • Automated Gnomish Plane, 2%, level 33
  • Measure Twicer, 3%, level 54

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