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These are level 65 recipes, using cross-skill reaction arts that can be made by any primary crafting class (i.e., tinkering and transmuting do not count). You will, however, need to quest to obtain the appropriate faction. They use common tier 7 resources.

Larger versions of these images, so you can see scale and better image details are now available here.

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Faction Notes

The three factions involved are the Survival Accord (main outpost is Firmroot Moot in the Moors of Ykesha), the Guktan Guard (outpost is Tupta in the Moors of Ykesha), and Clan Grobb (outpost is Grobb, located just north of Firmroot Moot). Faction for these three groups can be earned by adventuring and/or crafting quest. Note that Grobb and the Guktans are not friendly with each other, so you will find that working up both of those factions at the same time can be a challenge.

Those that wish to craft their way into earning these books will first need to complete the Ship Out quest series (required so you are no longer KoS in Tupta and Grobb), then will wish to look into the daily tradeskill tasks for the Survival Accord, the Guktan Guard in Tupta, and Clan Grobb. The faction requirement for purchase of these recipes was lowered from amiable to indifferent (0) during the first week of December 2008.

Survival Accord Faction (Firmroot Moot, "Practical Furnishings for All Occasions")

Bowl of Fens Shells
Fens Leaf Bowl
Ornate Cup
Ornate Stone Candlestick
Ornate Stone Chandelier
Ornate Stone Sconce
Polished Cup
Polished Jug
Polished Stein
Sathirian Lantern
Seafarer's Float Net
Windproof Hanging Lantern

Tupta Faction ("Tupta Traditional Furnishings")

Hanging Jar of
Fens Fireflies
Jar of Fens
Swamp Shrub
Tuptan Banner
Tuptan Hanging Lantern
Tuptan Lamp Post
Tuptan Tad Pond
Tuptan Urn
Tuptan Vase
Tuptan Wall Sconce

Grobb Faction ("Grobb Tradishunal Furnushings")

Crude Stone Bench
Crude Stone Block
Grobb Stone Basket
Grobb Stone Bench
Grobb Stone Chair
Grobb Stone Sconce
Grobb Stone Stein
Grobb Stone Table
Grobb Stone Vault
Rough Stone Bench
Rough Stone Table
Ykeshan Shrubbery

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