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Far Seas Faction Items

Koros Splinterlimb, drinking it up in the 2-story building on the Mara Docks, has all sorts of lovely items to sell to crafters. Provided, of course, you meet the faction requirements, have the appropriate tokens, etc. (All items on him other than the port stone require 1 or more Far Seas Trading Company Token, which can be earned via various Far Seas crafing missions.)


There are 4 crafter-specific mount whistles available. (I am not including coin/token costs at this time, since such things are subject to change between beta and release.)
  • Appaloosa Pack Horse - 40% speed mount, 14.3 bonus to all harvesting skills, requires 20,000 Far Seas Supply Division faction
  • Hillrunner Pack Horse - 48% speed mount, 24 bonus to all harvesting skills, requires 30,000 Far Seas Supply Division faction
  • Pack Unicorn - 50% speed mount, 48 bonus to all harvesting skills, requires 40,000 Far Seas Supply Division faction
  • Palomino Pack Horse - 48% speed mount, 24 bonus to all harvesting skills, requires 30,000 Far Seas Supply Division faction

Jewelry/Accessory Sets

There are 3-piece sets (ring, bangle, torque) for every primary crafting skill for level 65+ crafters of all classes. (i.e., a provisioner could buy/wear a +tailoring set, etc.) In addition to granting +5 to the appropriate crafting skill (such as tailoring), these lore, no trade, legendary items grant +6 str, +1 sta, +1 agi, +1 wis, +1 int, +175 vs heat. When you equip all 3 pieces of a given set, you gain a set bonus of a 3% crafting xp gain. All pieces require 20,000 faction with the Far Seas Supply Division.

You may be wondering why you would want sets for classes other than your own, but once you take a look at the group crafting missions, you quickly realize that being able to give a boost to a crafting skill outside your field of expertise might be useful. The extra heat resist also helps with reducing the damage from some of the crafting events seen in the missions.

There are also similar sets to these that are chest drops in the group crafting missions, however, the set bonus for them is a 5% boost critical success chances while all 3 set pieces are equipped.

In addition to these, there is a 2-piece artisan's set with harvesting bonuses that has a set bonus of a 5% durability increase.

Cloaks round out the accessories, with an artisan one for all level 70+ crafting classes that has +4 to each crafting skill, and one for each of the main class groupings: craftsman, outfitter, and scholar that are limited to their specific classes, and grant a +15 bonus to each (i.e., the scholar one gives +15 for artificing, chemistry and scribing, and can only be worn by jewelers, alchemists and sages)

Armor Sets

These armor sets, are available from the Far Seas Supply Division faction merchant in Mara, Koros Splinterlimb.

All are level 60 (crafting class), lore, no trade, ornate armor pieces with mitigation 8, +25 health, +1 artificing, +1 artistry, +1 chemistry, +1 fletching, +1 metal shaping, +1 metalworking, +1 scribing, +1 sculpting, +1 tailoring, +1 tinkering, +1 transmuting. Purchase requires that you have at least 30,000 faction with the Far Seas Supply Division (which is a new faction with the TSO expansion), and will also require gold and 1 Far Seas Trading Company Token per armor piece (earned in crafting missions).

Complete any of the sets with all 7 pieces and you get a set bonus that increases progress by 5%. While all sets have the exact same stats, you must have all 7 pieces from the same set (such as Forest) in order to obtain the set bonus.

Available sets are: Forest ___ of the Far Seas Traders, Indigo ____ of the Far Seas Traders, Marine ____ of the Far Seas Traders, Midnight _____ of the Far Seas Traders, Plain ____ of the Far Seas Traders, and Russet ____ of the Far Seas Traders.

Class Recipes

Each crafting class can purchase (with coin and tokens), two 5-charge recipes. These recipes create no-trade (can be commissioned) adventurer items that require rare ingredients that drop in missions. (The sage ones, for example, are for two symbol items, one more suited to healing-types, one more suited to damage casters.)

Port Stones

Tired of running laps when running missions? You will be able to purchase 1-charge, lore, port stones for any of the 3 mission locations (Shipyard Cove, Steamfont and Firemyst), as well as one that is a return to Mara stone. These stones (at least on beta), cost 6g apiece, which may seem expensive for a 1-shot item, but it is a good tradeoff in terms of saving time, given the rewards from the missions.

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