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Komic #24: The Void

We should all know by now that Murphy and his laws are just another facet of Bristlebane running amok. That whole "if something can go wrong, it will" bit is not only right up his alley, but is a large part of why the Test server, and the dedicated folks over there who put up with some of his more creative messes, is so important. When things Go Wrong, you want it to be somewhere it can be easily fixed ... and where the folks experiencing the problem are a bit more used to dealing with it.

Which may explain why Mum simply giggled and put out a warning to the /test channel, and Kaisha made this Komic, when Mum had too many pies and got wedged in the door of the new crafting mission on Test. It seems that the crafting mission NPC in Mara got a bit ahead of herself with offering the new mission to be tested, and anyone trying to zone into it got stuck in ... the Void. {cue ominous music, then ruin it with snickering}

Needless to say, the crafting preview for this next GU is being delayed until Mum can poke at the mission, but until then, why not curl up and have some chocolate with Mum?

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