Frugal Artisan Guide to Island of Refuge

Much of this guide may be outdated due to the changes made with LU19 and the new character progression. We're leaving it in place for now, but be aware that things have changed now that new characters start in city-specific colonies instead of on the Isle

Tips and Tricks to Saving Money - by Kyyri

Example: For a leather backpack (4-6 slots, 0-5% weight reduction) you need:

That's a total of:

But this is enough crafting to take you from 4 to 5, or very nearly so, and you have a bag, to enhance your chances of gathering more for the next round. It will cost you about 1 silver, but a bag costs 90c, and will only have 4 slots and no WR (weight reduction). Get a pristine backpack and you have a 6 slot 5% WR bag. And you have all or most of another level.

The first item noted in the list of recipes at the apparatus (loom, forge, engraved table etc) will be the ultimate control of the final best possible quality. A pristine rawhide plate can yield a pristine leather backpack, but a rawhide plate cannot. It will only get you at best, a regular backpack. Save crafting time with secondary items being vendor bought. In the above example that's the tin buckle and the rawhide cord. A shaped rawhide plate will get you, at best, a shaped backpack. 4 slots, no WR.

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