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Blank leather notebooks are created by level 50+ Sages after completing the "In a Bind" quest. These notebooks can then be written in by player. Further details on how the writing/editing process works are included below the images.

Rawhide Leather

Waxed Leather

Tanned Leather

Cured Leather

Boiled Leather

Cuirboilli Leather

Etched Leather

Engraved Leather

Strengthened Leather

Augmented Leather

Stonehide Leather

Scaled Leather

Horned Leather

Dragonhide Leather

Bristled Leather

Hidebound Leather

The tier 9 notebooks are in a special faction recipe book that requires a level 85 sage and 40K faction with the Scholars of Quel'ule:

Mottled Leather Notebook
Spotted Leather Notebook
Quel'ule Researchers Notebook

The level 90 sage recipe books (essentials and advanced), contain one "notebook" recipe each. While at first they could not be written in, they were patched to act as proper notebooks.

Bear Hide Notebook
Reptile Hide Notebook

The Terrors of Thalumbra expansion added the following notebooks to the sage lineup. The recipes are contained in the two Deepforge recipe books available to sages from the tradeskill faction vendor in Maldura once you do the ToT crafting line.
Abyssal Leather Notebook
Abyssal Maldura Notebook
Umbral Furled Parchment
Umbral Parchment
Umbral Parchment Scroll

The Kunark Ascending expansion added the following sage-made notebook, an "Arcane Tome" complete with animated runes. The recipe is in the advanced Sage book sold by the faction merchant in Twark, once you complete the KA crafting line and sufficient factioning via the Twark crafting dailies/weekly.

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The book orientation alternates for tiers 1-9, with the books lying flat in Tier 1, standing in Tier 2, lying in Tier 3, and so on. Other than looks (and material costs), there is no difference between the notebooks - all hold the same amount of text.

Players who purchase the sage-made notebooks will find that there is an Edit option at the bottom of the book, when they examine the book and select Read. A progress bar at the bottom will tell you how full you have already filled the book, and that will allow you to save the contents, change the language, etc.

Once a player has begun to write in a notebook, no other player can write in that same book. Others can, however, read the contents, see who wrote the book, see who crafted the book, etc.

Authors will have the option to Copy the contents of the book into another empty notebook while both books are in inventory. Also while the book is in inventory, the original author can select the Read option, and then Edit it. (Which is quite handy when you find a typo, as I did when prepping the screenshots for this article!)

Books that have been placed in homes can be edited on the fly by the author. This editing process can also be done while the house is listed via the /house_ratings system, which is handy when you want to update a note for visitors, fix a quick typo, etc.

It should be noted that the Copy command copies the current contents of the original book into the empty notebook. It will NOT automagically pick up any updates that are made to the original text after the copy is made.

Authors should be careful to follow the same guidelines as are used in public chat, pet naming and so on when writing in these books. While Customer Service is not actively snooping out objectionable text, they can/will respond if a player sends in a report/petition on the text. (Since these books are fully able to be traded, something you intend as a private gift could potentially end up on the broker at some point, so use a bit of discretion when writing. :D)

Notes About Broker Searching

You can now search for the empty notebooks by searching on the item name ("notebook"). If you wish to find ones that have already been written in, you must use the advanced search, and in the dropdown menu for Item Type, select "player-written book".

Notes on Storage Space

(Explanation from Rothgar via the 2009 SOE Fan Faire)

I had been curious as to why there wasn't a hard & fast page or word count given to us with regards to player-created books, and Rothgar was kind enough to explain it for us.

There were two options for storing the contents of a player-created book - storing it separately and linking it in, or storing it inside the item itself. The second option is what is used, which makes it hard to guess storage size, due to the compression used.

If the data had been stored separately, any books that ended up being moved from one server to another via a character transfer would lose their contents. This is not a happy thing.

Instead, the text of the book is compressed and stored in the item data for that item. This limits the size of the book, though the compression helps us squeeze as much as possible out of the storage space. (Increasing the item data storage space is not an option, as it would require increasing it for every single item in the game.)

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