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Gallery - Enchanted Dryad Grotto

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Welcome to the Enchanted Dryad Grotto, located in the Archer's Woods in Antonica. It seems that they have a bit of a problem with water pollution negatively affecting some of the dryads. The "Pollution Problem" quest offered here will require some non-aggro combat. (You can wander and explore without getting mugged, but you will have to fight to complete the quest.)

Capturing the right shade on these screenshots is difficult. The tints on darker plants and trees, for example, preview quite differently based on the lighting of the zone you are in. For example, preview the "mossy blue mushrooms" while standing in the Enchanted Zygomid Grotto (Nek) and you will see far more blue tones than you will see if you were to preview the same item while standing in the bright light of the Thundering Steppes. There are many more examples of this and while I redid a lot of shots based off previews taken in bright daylight zones, I want to pass the warning on. If you are needing particular exact or near-exact color matches, is a good idea to preview items using the same sort of lighting that they will be used in.

The Items

The vendor here sells mostly house items (all of which can be traded), plus two 20-charge illusion potions, and one 20-charge ground mount. This page has been updated to include new house items that were added in 2018.

All items from this vendor cost 1 elemental token each other than the appearance crown, which costs 2.

Abalone Shell
Antonican Grizzly Plushie
Blooming Hibrida
Blue Coral Cluster
Brazen Basin
Cloudy Square
Conch Shell
Coral Cluster
Coral Frond
Crown of the Wellspring
Gem Cluster
Grotto Glowbulb Plant
Gunthak Kelp Bulbs
Healthy Brain Coral
Lantern of the Wellspring
Large Longleaf Shrub
Lavender Sand Urchin Shell
Leaf-Blown Carpet
Misty Blue Tile
Misty Fog Tile
Misty Red Tile
Misty Vesspyr Bellplant
Mussel Shell
Oyster Shell
Salmon Coral Cluster
Sand Urchin Shell
Small Blueleaf Seedling
Small Misty Vesspyr Bellplant
Snowy Square
Starry Square
Tall Grotto Glowbulb Plant
Tall Gunthak Kelp Bulbs
Teal Clamshell
Treespirit Plushie
Veined Lilypad
Watery Platform
Young Darkleaf Sapling
Young Misty Darkleaf Sapling
Zou'Lidelas Water Gourd


  • The Leaf-Blown Carpet is a no-trade 20 charge ground mount. Each charge has a 24-hour duration, but can be dispelled earlier if need be.
  • There is a "Tainted Treespirit Potion" for sale that looks like the "Corrupted Dryad Plushie" pictured in the Collection section below. Likewise the "Treespirit Potion" makes you look like the "Dryad Plushie" pcitured in the Collection section below. Both are 20 charges of 6-hour duration illusions. The potions are likely to be renamed for May of 2018, so the names are no longer confused with the new Treespirit Plushie.
  • There are also both a Sparkly Water Tile (for those who like the Edward Cullen Sparkle) and a Watery Tile without the sparkle effect. Since water effects preview oddly, reflecting back your surroundings in odd ways, these were placed to obtain the screenshot. Also be aware that these tiles will be "invisible" on your cursor when you first try to place them. Just drop them down on the floor, then you will be able to see them to drag them around for proper placement.

The Collection

The purple glowie that spawns in this zone goes to the Dryad Leaves collection. It consists of 5 different dryad leaves. Completion of this quest gives you your choice of either a dryad plushie or a corrupted dryad plushie. (Can be traded.)
Corrupted Dryad Plushie
Dryad Plushie

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