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Welcome to the Enchanted Naiad Grotto, located near the spires in Enchanted Lands. This zone requires combat (down arrow mobs) with aggro mobs. (Once you have handed in the quest (Naiad Aid), the mobs will stop respawning.)

Capturing the right shade on these screenshots is difficult. The tints on darker plants and trees, for example, preview quite differently based on the lighting of the zone you are in. For example, preview the "mossy blue mushrooms" while standing in the Enchanted Zygomid Grotto (Nek) and you will see far more blue tones than you will see if you were to preview the same item while standing in the bright light of the Thundering Steppes. There are many more examples of this and while I redid a lot of shots based off previews taken in bright daylight zones, I want to pass the warning on. If you are needing particular exact or near-exact color matches, is a good idea to preview items using the same sort of lighting that they will be used in.

The Items

The vendor here sells house items (all of which can be traded), 3 illusion potions (20 charges each, 6 hour duration) and one circlet. All items costs 1 Elemental Token, except for the circlet, which costs 2 tokens. This page includes the new house items that were added in 2018. The three potions (Naiad Elder Potion, Naiad Guardian Potion and Naiad Waterworker Potion use the same graphics as the plushies displayed in The Collection section.

Blue Frog Plushie
Blueleaf Shrub
Booming Desert Thistle
Brittle Leaf Fern
Circlet of the Eternal Gale
Coast Barrel Cactus
Cobalt Entangler Plushie
Drooping Fern Plant
Enchanted Lasher Plushie
Ferrott Fern
Five Leaf Bush
Flowering Lilium Plant
Glistening Basin
Green Leaf Fern
Grey Branched Bush
Grotto Fern
Hay Square
Hollow Log
Kylong Pine Sapling
Kylong Pine Seedling
Lantern of the Eternal Gale
Large Mossy Log
Large Paved Tile
Leafy Verdant Shrub
Lizard's Tongue
Misty Hanging Tendril
Misty Blueleaf Seedling
Nektulos Shade Fern
Pitcher Plant
Plains Fern
Prairie Wildflower
Scattered Stone Tile
Small Mossy Log
Small Verdant Blueleaf Sapling
Sundered Succulent
Swamp Reed
Tranquil Handamaleaf Shrub
Tri Color Leaf Tree
Turtle Plushie
Variegated Lilium Plant
Zavith'loa Nascent Egg

The Collection

The purple glowie that spawns in this zone goes to the Naiad Scales collection. It consists of 5 different naiad scales. Completion of this quest gives you your choice of one of three tradeable naiad plushies.
Naiad Elder Plushie
Naiad Guardian Plushie
Naiad Waterworker Plushie

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