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Gallery - Enchanted Zygomyd Grotto

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Welcome to the Enchanted Zygomyd Grotto, located near the spires in the dark and dank Nektulos Forest (which makes it a perfect home for the shrooms!) This zone is small, and the quest, Earthly Tasks, is a very quick little non-aggro gather quest. A repeatable crafting quest was also added to the zone, and you will find the NPC offering that quest at the very back of the zone.

Please note that capturing the right shade on these screenshots is difficult. The tints on darker plants and trees, for example, preview quite differently based on the lighting of the zone you are in. For example, preview the "mossy blue mushrooms" while standing in the Enchanted Zygomid Grotto (Nek) and you will see far more blue tones than you will see if you were to preview the same item while standing in the bright light of the Thundering Steppes. There are many more examples of this and while I redid a lot of shots based off previews taken in bright daylight zones, I want to pass the warning on. If you are needing particular exact or near-exact color matches, is a good idea to preview items using the same sort of lighting that they will be used in.

The Items

All house items on this vendor cost 1 Elemental Token apiece. The wearable crown costs two tokens. This page now includes the new house items that were added in 2018.

Amethyst Crystal
Arcane Boulder
Arcane Stone
Aventurine Crystal
Azure Thalumbral Mushroom
Bleached Limestone
Chrysogena Fungus
Clustered Crystal Formation
Cobblestone Square
Crimson Thalumbral Mushroom
Crown of the Earthspirit
Crystallized Basin
Crystal Mosaic Square
Dark Arcane Boulder
Dark Arcane Stone
Dense Crystal Formation
Dying Thalumbral Mushroom
Emerald Thalumbral Mushroom
Faceted Blue Crystals
Fallen Leaf Tile
Gilded Wheelbarrow
Gleamingtide Crystal
Golden Thalumbral Mushroom
Grouped Crystal Formation
Khalee'Sri Crystal
Kyanite Crystal Formation
Lantern of the Earthspirit
Large Vesspyr Grass
Lavender Hanging Tendril
Lavender Vesspyr Bellplant
Lichen Cone
Limecap Mushroom
Magical Moss Agate Stone
Mature Blue Fungus
Mature Purple Mushroom
Mossy Blue Mushrooms
Mossy Defender Plushie
Mossy Red Mushrooms
Muddy Tile
Murky Stone
Nektulos Owlbear Plushie
Pale Marble Tile
Purple Cap Mushroom
Purple Spotted Mushroom
Sandstone Boulder
Sandstone Rock
Scorched Parasol Mushroom
Sharp Blue Crystals
Small Lavender Vesspyr Bellplant
Small Misty Blueleaf Sapling
Tilled Soil Patch
Topaz Stone Cluster
Umber Boulder
Yellow Parasol Mushroom
Young Purple Mushroom
Zygomid Plushie


  • Moss Agate Stone has NO collision (it is not solid). The other rocks have proper collision

The Collection

The purple glowie that spawns in this zone goes to the Mushroom Spores collection. It consists of 4 different mushroom spores. Completion of this quest gives you a Huge Mushroom house item (Can be traded). It is huge. So huge, Mum would even call it ... ginormous! ;)

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