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This information is part of the preview of the Sentinel's Fate expansion, and is not yet available on Live servers. As with all content in beta testing, it can be changed before launch. Please see the the Sentinel's Fate Information Clearinghouse for further information on the expansion.

Note: The new stat & combat bonus system will understandably change what stats some classes are looking for with regards to gear. Due to this, some armor and weapon sets were tweaked a bit to be a bit more desirable for the classes for whom they were intended. I'll give you some details in the below sections, but since there is still time for things to be tweaked before the expansion launches, I'm not investing a ton of time in digging up a ton of details that may or may not be obsolete in a day or three. :D

One thing that needs to be mentioned right away, though, is a change in the equippable level model for tier 9. Unlike earlier tiers, Tier 9 handcrafted armor and weapons will be equippable at level 82 (not 80), and Tier 9 mastercrafted armor and weapons cannot be equipped until level 84 (not 82). The short answer as to why is due to how stat allocations and such were handled in light of the stat & combat changes. While the gear could have been downgraded to 80/82, the stats on the gear would have had to be trimmed down, making them pretty undesirable for many level 80 adventurers. (Yep, I'm sure I'm not explaining this well, as I'm beyond exhausted, so if you really have your knickers in a knot about this, ask politely in the forums and someone else can probably give you a better explanation. :P)

While they will be introduced to all the main crafting factions in the new expansion, during the completion of the crafting questline out there, Outfitters will find that, once done with the questline, they will wish to focus on the daily faction quests from Kerra Isle, as this will be the faction that provides them with their faction recipes.


Another tier of armor is a pretty straightforward sort of thing, right? In addition, due to the stat changes, the following changes were being planned to crafted armor from all tiers:
  • Chainmail armor: AGI set equal to STR
  • Melodic armor: INT changed to STA. AGI set equal to STR if they weren't already equal
  • Kite shield: INT changed to STA

Two faction-based recipe books will also be available for armorers.

The first one will be on the Far Seas Supply Division faction and sold on their faction vendor in Mara. It will be for level 80-equippable mastercrafted battleground gear that uses the tier 8 incarnadine clusters. This gear is meant for the non-PVPers to have access to battleground starter sets.

The second faction recipe book for armorers will be sold by the Kerra Isle faction vendor and will contain recipes for level 90 mastercrafted chain and plate battleground sets.

Images for the new tier of crafted armor can be found here: handcrafted, mastercrafted and the battleground sets.


Three faction-based recipe books will be available for tailors.

Like the armorers, Mara will have a level 80 battleground recipe book for the cloth and leather classes, and Kerra Isle will have a level 90 cloth & leather battleground recipe book.

Howeverrrrrr ... tailors also get a kerra faction recipe book for a totally new appearance armor! This casual wear set comes in 14 different colors. The recipes are level 85, and will require the tier 9 rare pelt (spotted pelt). The resulting casual wear will be statless attuneable mastercrafted.

I suppose you want some eye candy with that, too, don't you? See below for the casual wear, then check out the following links for handcrafted, mastercrafted and the battleground sets.


As with the other two Outfitter classes, make note of the stat changes, and the level changes for handcrafted and mastercrafted in this tier.

In addition, the stat changes have caused the following changes to be expected in all tiers of crafted weapons:

  • Sabre: INT was converted to AGI and made equal to STR
  • Hand axe: INT was converted to AGI and made equal to STR
  • Falchion: INT was converted to AGI and made equal to STR
  • Flamberge: INT was converted to AGI and made equal to STR
  • Spatha: INT was converted to AGI and made equal to STR
  • Parrying blade: INT was converted to AGI and made equal to STR
  • Stiletto: STR/INT were converted to STA/AGI
  • Dirk: STR/INT were converted to STA/AGI
  • Javelin: INT was converted to AGI and made equal to STR
  • Short Spear: AGI was added to existing stats and made equal to STR
  • Rapier: AGI was set equal to STR. STA was set lower if originally higher than AGI
  • Sai: AGI was set equal to STR. STA was set lower if originally higher than AGI
  • Long sword: AGI was set equal to STR. STA was set lower if originally higher than AGI
  • Short sword: AGI was set equal to STR. STA was set lower if originally higher than AGI

Your faction recipe from the Kerra Isle vendor will consist of a book for 3 more temporary weapon adornments. While that may seem like small potatoes to some, given that most of the weapon adornments have gone the way of the dodo, you may find that these little beauties will be more in demand than originally expected. All three are for fighters and scouts, and are 30-minutes per application. (Yield 2 on a pristine combine.) The effects are: Grindstone - increase crit bonus by 1.0, Slipstone - will double attack on 4% of attacks, Whetstone - increase crit chance by 4.0

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