Fan Faire 2010 Summary

As expected, I am pretty exhausted after a busy Fan Faire, but I'm doing better than in past years! (More on that on my personal blog in the next day or two.) So, this will be just a rehash of my notes from various panels.

To save myself some repetition in each section, here are some quick explanations:

I know folks get really excited to hear about what has been discussed at Fan Faire, but please, for everyone's sanity, keep the above qualifiers in your mind as you read, as the rumor mill often presents things as set in stone when all that has been promised is that the idea will be considered.

Now that I've given you the obligatory disclaimers, let's get right to the information from the panels.

Expansion - Destiny of Velious

The next expansion for EQ2 will be Destiny of Velious, which will be Part 1 of the Velious saga. (They've yet to finalize how/when Part 2 will be presented.)

They did not give us a firm release date, other than "sometime in the winter". (My impression was late-winter.) Because they were giving this presentation this early in the development phase, the below is only a very rough overview. Many details have yet to be decided, so there wasn't a lot that they could/would commit to at this point.

What we do know so far:

Lore and Quests

After a recap of some of the lore & quests from the past year, there was some discussion of upcoming plans:

EQ2 Question & Answer Panel #1

Tradeskills and Housing

There was a recap of various changes/additions since last year's Fan Faire (which has reminded me to make my own personal "to do" list of crafting quest writeups that I still need to do! ~Mum) before they proceeded to upcoming plans:

Three new craftables from the crafting quests to be added with GU57

Unconfirmed Stuff

I am totally not sure on these two:


Tenamdar of Befallen has provided us with the following video footage of the Tradeskills & Housing Panel:

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