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Buried within the large collection of Game Update 58 patch notes was an easily-overlooked line:

Many quests in the Kingdom of Sky now also reward house items. If you have already completed these quests and would like the house items, you can visit Drednever faction merchant Ellywig at the Drednever Crash Site, or acquire one from a friend (they are fully tradeable).
Oh, yum! More house items!

You probably want a few more details, however. While we're still sorting them all out ourselves, the merchant in question will sell you items if you have 40,000 faction with the Drednever expedition. The Drednever faction quests can be started in the Drednever Crash site in the Bonemire, and will send you to various other parts of the zone as the line progresses. Each item has a 100 rent status reduction on it, and each costs 31g 10s 40c.

Tapestry of the Blacktalon
Droag Hide Tapestry
A Lost Key
Mature Drake Eggs
Jar of Bixie Honey
Ancient Draconic Relic
Elaborate Aviak Nest Platform
Scaleborn Barrier
Quellithulian Weapon Collection
Humator Hunting Trophy
Bixie Talon Chandelier
Treasury of Claw Bookcase
Warscale Wing Trophy
Treasury of Claw Chandelier
Wasteland Strider Eggs
Treasury of Claw Hanging Lantern
Murbert's Sampling Jar
Blackscale Weapon Collection
Mounted Draconic Trophy
Cacotoxic Flower
Draconic Memento
Agate Orb Sculpture
Tapestry of the Awakened
Claws of the Earth Sculpture
Hooluk Nesting Pillows
Scaleborn Skull Font

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