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Irontoe Brigade Faction Furniture

When the Butcherblock Mountains underwent a bit of a facelift and the quest progression was smoothed out a bit, an Irontoe Brigade faction vendor was added. Olaf Grogson (-256, 211, -92) sells an appearance set of armor (30K faction), a title (40K faction), and several lovely house items (20K faction needed), to folks who have earned sufficient faction with the Irontoe Brigade.

The house items are as follows:

Dwarven Drinking Cup
Dwarven Wine Bottle
Irontoe Bedside Table
Irontoe Bookcase
Irontoe Mess Hall Table
Irontoe Recruit's Bed
Irontoe Sergeant's Bed
Irontoe Side Table
Irontoe Sturdy Chair
Irontoe Sturdy Stool
Irontoe Supply Crate
Irontoe Weapon Rack
Kaladim Marker Stone
Irontoe Throne Replica

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