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Gallery: Circling Destiny Faction Furniture

In addition to the hua'mein in Sundered Frontier, there is a second group of pandas on an adventuring-only faction in Stonebrunt Mountains. These pandas are on "Disciples of the Circling Destiny" faction. The vendor, Dao Tom can be found in Stonebrunt at 516, 332, 472. (Note that while you can get much of the gear on the vendor for 20K faction, you will need 40K faction for the furniture items.) Also, in order to reach this vendor without the panda guards kicking you off the island, you will have to have done some initial factioning with the panda that is guarding the rope bridge leading to the area.

Furniture items offered include:
Hua Mein Basket
Hua Mein Basket of Oranges
Hua Mein Bedroll
Hua Mein Brazier
Hua Mein Cup
Hua Mein Food Net
Hua Mein Gilt Banner
Hua Mein Hassock
Hua Mein Round Mat
Hua Mein Table
Hua Mein Umbrella
Hua Mein Welcome

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