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Erollisi Day 2011

Mum was just scampering home after a bit of grocery shopping when she spotted a gnomish gal down on one knee, offering a rose to a large barbarian. A moment later, a mixed lot of a dozen or so would-be swains started to congregate on the spot, all brandishing long-stemmed red roses.

Was it that time of year again, already?

Then she spotted the infamous Dalron, king of the cheesy pick-up line, speaking earnestly to a wide-eyed young adventurer.

Yep. It was definitely that time of year again.

Erollisi Day. The festival of loooooooove.

Over the years, Mum thought she had seen much every possible silliness that there was to see during the festival. Love-sick ogresses chasing elves. Adventurers killing sentient creatures to steal their love notes and candies. Gnomes proposing to anything that moved, and even a few things that didn't ...

She thought she'd seen every possible silliness, that is, until her friend Ngranna showed up.

With a bemused shake of her head, she headed for the apothecary shop. She just hoped they had some eyeball bleach for sale. She needed it after that little vision.

Erollisi Day for 2011, runs from February 9 until the night of February 20.

To conserve a bit of time, I am going to point folks who are unfamiliar with the holiday, and those who need reminders about love notes, vendors and such to last year's Erollisi Day 2010 writeup. Feel free to go read, we'll wait for you to catch back up. Instead, since this arrived with no preview time and such, I am going to dive right into the new goodies for the year:

  • Romantic Gifts to Craft IV with 11 new recipes
  • 4 new vendor items (correction from initial post)
  • a new quest in New Halas, with a world-placeable gazebo (short-term duration)
  • a 9-piece glowie collection
  • statue rewards from a former quest added to an existing quest
  • A trade-in vendor in Qeynos Harbor and East Freeport who will trade your various hard candies and love notes into a single type of note for easier stacking

New Craftables

This new recipe book is sold on Steven in Qeynos Harbor or East Freeport. (The other E-Day recipe books are also for sale on him. Again, the 2010 writeup linked in the paragraph above has more details.)
basket of Perfect Pomegranates
Elegant Coffee Table
Luxurious Dining Chair
Plush Dining Chair
Treatise of Trysts
Volume of Romance
Candle Ringed by Pink roses
Candle Ringed by Purple roses
Candle Ringed by Red roses
Candle Ringed by Yellow roses
Bottled passion

New Buyables

In addition to the 300-coin pink unicorn* shown above, there are two new house items and one appearance item for sale on the E-Day vendors:
Shard of Love Stag Plushie
Puppy Love Plushie
Blushing Lover

*Unicorn is only a run speed 10 mount, so is mostly for appearance purposes.

The Collection

You will have to travel to at least 3 different locations in order to find all 9 glowies.
  • Crimson Rose Petal - found in East Freeport, West Freeport, North Qeynos and Qeynos Harbor
  • Cobalt Chrysanthemum Petal - found in East Freeport, West Freeport, North Qeynos and Qeynos Harbor
  • Emerald Chrysanthemum Petal - found in New Halas & Enchanted Lands
  • Golden Rose Petal - found in Enchanted Lands
  • Ivory Rose Petal - found in Antonica & The Commonlands
  • Onyx Rose Petal - found in East Freeport, West Freeport, North Qeynos and Qeynos Harbor
  • Royal Rose Petal - found in Antonica & The Commonlands
  • Sunset Chrysanthemum Petal - found in Antonica & The Commonlands
  • Velious Chrysanthemum Petal - found in New Halas & Enchanted Lands

Reward for this collection is a Passion Veiled Screen house item:

That's all for now. I may flesh this out when I have more time. ~Mum

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