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Brewday 2011: Drunken Antics

This mini-story contains spoilers for the new Brewday quest that includes a reward needed for making distilleries for your home. (Decoration-only, not functioning stills.) If you want to figure the quest out for yourself, skip down to the Brewday Details section, and don't read the top part until after you've figured the quest out for yourself.

Brewday brought forth very mixed feelings in Niami DenMother. On the one hand, she enjoyed the merriment, the revelry, and, of course, the crafting. On the other, however, she was mortally tired of folks making drunken fools of themselves, the inevitable mess and destruction that they followed, and the "day after" aches, pains and downright grumpiness. (Mum would, of course, never admit to actually having something as mundane as a hangover. She was a pillar of the community! It was just a bad headache, really!)

"Nae alchohol at all frae me this year. I'll jus' craft an' people-watch, methinks." She nodded firmly to herself. That was her vow, and she was going to stick to it, no matter how tempting some of the brews might sound! "I'm getting tae auld tae be cavorting aboot wi' th' younger folk."

With that thought firmly in mind, she scampered for the magic portal in New Halas and entered the Bar of Brell. Rolling her eyes expressively, she bypassed Rothgar's band, and walked over to the bartender.

"Ye know, laddybuck, if ye did nae let them drink until after they performed, they might actually remember how tae play those instruments properly, instead o' trying tae strum th' backside o' th' mandolin an' such."

"But they'd be less entertaining then, Mum! Besides, most of tha patrons are too drunk ta notice anyway. Now, what'll ye have, lass?"

"Naught frae me today. I'm jus' shopping an' such."

The dwarf laughed. "Oh, you'll be back, I'm sure, ta lift a pint or two later, I'm sure."

Mum simply laughed and moved on. She was not, not, not, going to drink this year!

Rolling her eyes at Snoogle standing in his usual corner, drunkely declaring his love for his best buddy clockwork, she greeted the merchant standing beside them.

"Balin, lad, guid tae see ye back again this year! Do ye hae any new goodies frae me?"

"Well, if it isn't the DenMother herself! I sure do! Two new recipe books for you, plus a couple floor tiles that I am hoping catch on." The dwarf grinned widely. Mum's love of recipes and furniture were well-known, and he'd made a tidy profit last year thanks to her spreading the word about his recipe book.

Eagerly, she purchased both books, and several of each of the tiles. With luck, her barley and such was still good for use again this year, and she could dive right into the crafting without any side-trips for more holiday harvesting.

She took a quick scan of the books, her brow furrowing over the requirements for the distilleries. "Och! Where do I get the bits an' bobs needed frae these distillery thingies? They'd be lovely frae in a friend's bar."

"Oh, Oldar over there provided that book. Maybe you can coax more information out of him." Balin pointed to the nearest nook, and an armored dwarf standing there.

After a quick introduction, Niami almost gave up. Oldar wanted to compare brews, and she was not not not NOT going to drink this year! NOT!

But those distilleries looked really interesting, and Oldar didn't seem to want to talk about them without a bit of a taste-off first, between the best ale Brell's Bar had to offer versus his favorite brew, the Thurgadin Ice Brew.

Surely a sip of each wouldn't hurt, right? After all, it wasn't properly drinking - just like her own taste-testing of her cooking wasn't properly eating. Right?

First they tried the traditional Dwarven Ale. Mellow, smooth, minimal kick.

It tasted like more. But she wouldn't. She wasn't going to drink this year.

Then Oldar sent her off to get some Thurgadin Ice Brew. Instead of being sent to the newly-rediscovered Thurgadin, however, it seems that the brew was to be found in New Halas, right near her own house!

When she tried to pour a bit to bring back, however, an aggressive coldain lady named Tetda stopped her, declaring it was too strong for the likes of you. There was nothing for it but to fight for the right to grab a drink, it seemed...

A few minutes later, looking a bit rumpled, she headed back to Oldar, proudly carrying her sample.

After that little ruckus, she could definitely use a drink, but she was going to stick to her vow if it killed her!

She'd just have a wee taste-test of her hard-won brew. Sharing a grin with Oldar, Mum tossed back a swig like a pro.


The next thing she clearly remembered, she found herself in ... Jarsath Wastes?! (Mum note: zone seems to be random, but you end up in a safe spot.) Quickly, she gated out before something nasty could chew on her, then returned to Oldar.

Oldar was no longer in his armor. In fact, he wasn't wearing much other than a pair of pants, and Mum blushed a tad while trying to keep her eyes on his face as she spoke to him.

"Och! What happened tae ye - an' yuir clothes?" (Actual text from the quest included below)

Oldar Foambeard says to you, What? Mayhaps it was not the smartest plan to mix them drinks. Seems to cause a bigger kick from the Ice Brew than normal! One for the books at any rate, eh?"
You say to Oldar Foambeard, "I'll say. You should have seen where I woke up."
Oldar Foambeard says to you, "I dreamed of all kinds of crazy things... Oh! In light of me missin' stuff, I bet it weren't a dream at all."
You say to Oldar Foambeard, "What do you remember?"
Oldar Foambeard says to you, "I recall metal men takin' off with me armor after I went swingin' on a crane. Well, and I flew on a rug and a big pit in the sand, surrounded by angry monkeys who liked me velium shield."
You say to Oldar Foambeard, "Anything else?"
Oldar Foambeard says to you, "Oh, yes! I went swimmin' near a huge lighthouse and ended up surrounded by infernal barkin' and the pungent smell of wet dog fillin' me nose. But that's all, I swear!"

Feeling the need to fortify herself, Mum first whipped up a quick batch of gruel. For some reason, she was feeling too queasy for a proper meal, but she knew she needed a little something before setting out on a wild goose chase to find Oldar's gear. And if she had a couple sips of something fermented, it was just to clear her head. She was not, not, not going to imbibe this holiday!

Soon, she was on her way, tackling the clue that seemed to be the closest to her current location first.

"Hmmm, huge lighthouse, gnolls ...? Oh, right! Near our guildhall!" Sploosh! She was off, diving into the cool Antonican waters and paddling quickly to a nearby island.

It wasn't until she saw the pants lying on the ground, however, that she realized that she was still carrying around her cooking skillet instead of her weapon. Ah well, this was just a quick run, and there was nothing here that could hurt her ...

When she grabbed for the pants, however, a braver gnoll ran up to her and tried to take them away. Quick as a wink, Mum brandished her trusty skillet, connecting with the gnoll's skull with a solid thunk.

"Bad mutt! Nae cookies frae ye!" Leaving the gnoll sprawled on the ground, she headed for the nearby bell system, and was soon in the Sinking Sands.

She dodged several monkeys flinging unmentionables, and then clambered down into a dig pit, where she saw something glowing in the ground.

"Now that looks like his shield all right. Pretty bit o' work, it is, though nae to my taste." She overbalanced a bit as she tugged it out of the sand, then let out a startled squawk as two monkeys pounced on her the moment her hands were full.

Swinging the shield around with her left arm, she whipped out her skillet again with her right. THUNKKK went the shield, bashing into one monkey. THWACKKK went the skillet as it hit the other monkey. "Fling poo at me, will ye? Gang up on me when I'm distracted, eh? Well, take that!" BONK! "An' that!" CRACK! "Away wi' ye, varmints!"

A few moments later, she daintily straightened herself up a bit, took a fortifying sip from a flask (for medicinal purposes, of course), and then headed for the skiff leading to the Moors of Ykesha.

"Crane, crane .. hmmmm." Looking around at the construction area at the Dropship Landing Zone, she thought she saw something odd at the top of one of the ramps. Stepping carefully up the ramp, Mum mumbled to herself. "Och, they don't make these things wi' drunks in mind. How'd he manage tae get up there wi'oot falling off th' dagnabbed ramp?"

Spying the missing armor, Mum bent to collect it, and two clockwork workers immediately came over and tried to reclaim it. "Dagnabbit, enough already wi' th' grabbiness! I'll send ye tae th' scrap heap if ye keep it up!"

They kept it up, and, true to her word, Mum left behind two piles a=of badly dented scrap metal.

Another sip from her flask (to ease the pain from the newest set of bruises), fortified her until she could return to Oldar with his missing gear. "Almost a shame tae cover all that up again, as he's a fine figure o' a Coldain, but a promise is a promise."

All the bumps, bruises and scrapes were more than worth it when Oldar gave her a pair of Small Thurgadin Distilleries, and she vowed to experiment with the recipes ... once she shared a celebratory drink or two with her new friend!

Brewday Details

Brewday 2011 hits the live servers on March 10, 2011 and runs through March 21, 2011. There are many returning quests from last year, as well as new content. Last year's recipes have returned, two new books have been added, and two new buyable floor tiles. One of the books, for two distilleries, is really of use only if you do Oldar Foarmbeard's quest. The other carries more standard holiday craftables. Both books are level 2 artisan to scribe.

Since I am putting this up at the very last minute, you can find details on last year's craftables, and information on the special brewday nodes (remember to wear your ale goggles to see them!) on the Brewday 2010 page from last year. (It should be noted that this year added Frostfang Sea for a Bar of Brell portal spot as well as a garden spawn spot.)

Brewday Accoutrements to Craft II

Bottle of Emerald Spirits
Bottle of Halasian Icewine
Brewday Oak Stein
Cracked Blue Stone Cup
Halasian Brewday Counter
Halasian Stew Pot
Lucky Mug of Ale
Maj'Dul Double Ale Rack
Rich Bowl of Gruel
Rough Stone Cup
Serendipitous Plate of Grub
Upright Oak Keg

Brewday High-Tech Distilleries

Recipe is sold on and is artisan level 2 to scribe. Pristine combine yields 2. The mechanized version requires a quest reward component, Small Thurgadin Distillery, from Oldar Foambeard as a primary (and you get two and only two of that component from the quest, if you choose that reward). It also requires a vendor component from one of the following crafting faction vendors: North Qeynos, West Freeport, Thurgadin. The super mechanized version requires the mechanized as a primary and a vendor component from one of the following crafting society vendors: Kelethin, New Halas, Neriak, Gorowyn.

Super Mechanized Thurgadin Distillery (left)
Mechanized Thurgadin Distillery (right)

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