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The Essential Provisioner

Guide by WeeMadAggie, with a few updates by Mum

The Provisioner class is one of three profession choices for Crafters when they speak with a crafting trainer for their level 20 crafting certification.

The Basics

This is the profession that works with the Stove & Keg to create food and drink. Provisioners also make a variety of fun items such as illusion drinks and missile food.


For all of your level 20 and higher Provisioner recipes, you will be working with the Stove & Keg. Mind you, you can still make all of the under-20 items for crafters and artisans on the appropriate equipment, but your main focus from here forward will be on cooking various delicious foods.

Items Made

Provisioners craft food and drink with a variety of different stat increases and with varying durations. The primary function of crafted foods is to increase your out of combat health and power regeneration by a considerable margin. On top of that you can craft food and drinks with stat increases. At first glance your cookbook will seem to contain a huge amount of foods and drink with the same stats. Every tier, however, has short (30 minutes) and long (5 hours 49 minutes) duration drinks and foods. The stat increases are predominantly sorted by: Food: a choice of increase to AGI and STA or STR and STA. Drinks: a choice of increase to WIS and STA or INT and STA.

Item Progression

Your recipes through a tier will generally progress towards longer durations and more stats. If you are particularly looking to craft 5 hour foods and drink look toward the end of a tier.

Fuel Cost

For Provisioners there is a small amount of extra work to calculate your exact production costs. The price of any kindling used is automatically reflected in the vendor price of a stack of food or drink. Not so with any other 'fuel' types such as Aerated Mineral Water, Sugar, Dough, Milk, Vanilla Beans, Cocoa and Cream Cheese. You will have to add their costs to the vendor amount to derive the full cost of production.

Reaction Arts

Your Provisioner reaction arts are called artistry. You gain new reaction arts automatically when you ding 20, 30, 40, 51, 61. (The odd numbers in tiers 6 and 7 were due to the levels being added during expansions.)

The Resources

Apart from foods gathered from food nodes, meat from animal dens and fish, you will find yourself using a large amount of roots and, on occasion, loams. (There's also one instance of using rosewood, and an instance of using azurite.) Do yourself a favor if you are specifically harvesting meat from dens; clear the wood nodes as well to spawn more dens. Happily bushes and roots share spawn table so that's a plum. Finally there are some T8 and T9 faction recipes which require body drops from mobs such as mountain giants, cockatrice, brutes, hornets, drachnids and more. These faction recipes tend towards non-stat power and health food and drink as well as special infusions and reductions (think of them as short term buffs for raids and the like).

The Rares

Sorry, you are the unique crafter who doesn't use rares, at all, period. This has a bearing on the recipe books you get. See below.

The Books

The Provisioner essential books from levels 20-79 can be found on the crafting trainer NPCs, found outside the various crafting instances in Qeynos and Freeport starting zones, and in or near the crafting areas for other cities. You do not have any Advanced books like the other crafts. One might say your food is just that good. However, you will find that completing the quest line for the Grandmaster will reward you with Provisioner Mastery volumes. These contain recipes for food and drink with illusion effects and fun missiles (not harmful) of the edible variety (must have for food fights).

Other details on recipe books can be found in Recipe Book Basics and Recipe Books - A More In-Depth Look.

Quick Notes

  • Harvesting your own resources makes a lot of sense, especially in the lower tiers. It keeps your costs down, and gives you a chance at valuable rares that you can either use for yourself, or sell to help fund your crafting addiction.
  • Just because you have hit level 20, don't mentally block out the fact that you still have level 11-19 crafting recipes and tier 2 resources. These can be a good source of additional tradeskill experience, as well as some lower-cost skillup options, due to the lesser fuel costs for tier 1.
  • If you are in a guild, you will also want to look into tradeskill work orders and rush orders ("writs"), available once you hit crafting level 20 as a way to earn coin and guildstatus while crafting. More details can be found here.
  • Those who own the Fallen Dynasty expansion, can quest for a 36-slot harvestables bag and a provisioner charm item that will increase your artistry skill and decrease your failure rates. More information can be found here.
  • There are quests in many places that reward a cooking recipes. Mooshga outside the West Freeport Gate has an interesting recipe for... well Mooshga Mush. Enchanted Lands holds the secret to the famous Hopple's Apple Pie and somewhere in the dark recesses of Neriak a solitary darkelf holds the knowledge of the Chocolate Chip Cookies of Seething Malice.

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