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Story: That's What Paladins Do

~by Therendil of the Bazaar server

Whiskers twitching, Wiggans pulled himself carefully to the top of the climbing wall and peeked onto the roof. EEP! Several very mean-looking thief types were hanging out up there, watching the streets below. Wiggans was very glad he had taken the invisibility potion.

He crawled onto the roof and looked around, figuring the route to the rooftop apartment across the street. Let's see... Over two on this street to a plank that crossed over the street and then back to the apartment door. That would do it. He shook his head. These peoples were crazy. Who would ever live here? But he had promised to make sure the information about the apartment was correct, and Wiggans kept his promises. That's what Paladins do. He began edging across the rooftops toward the apartment.

Wiggans had been very excited when Therendil asked him to help out with an important project. Therendil was helping a friend collect the latest information about housing all across Norrath and needed people to go door to door and make sure they had everything right. Of course Wiggans wanted to help! So Therendil had sent him off with a fat set of notes and a list of cities to visit.

New Halas had been okay. It was much too cold, and that stupid dog Hagley barked and snarled at him every time he went past. But the people were very nice and Hagley barked at everybody, so Wiggans didn't feel too bad. Just nervous. He finished up his work, checked his notes, and then moved on to the next stop.

Maj'Dul was no fun at all, oh noes. Maybe he was used to New Halas now, but he could not believe how hot and dry the Sinking Sands were. And he was sure the sun made people crazy because only crazy people could build a city like Maj'Dul. Wiggans was used to twisty complicated places, but Maj'Dul had more ways to get lost than any place he had ever seen. But Therendil had set him up right. "Take these maps and invisibility potions. You'll need them. Stay alert. There are a lot of unhappy people in Maj'Dul." So Wiggans followed the maps, stayed in the shadows and kept his potions handy.

It took him a long time to finish. The notes were old and wrong in some places. And there were a lot of unhappy people in Maj'Dul to work around. The real puzzle was the Mercenary Apartment. It took Wiggans a while to figure out that it was on top of another building and that you had to climb walls and go over rooftops to get there and that these rooftops were full of nasty criminal types. But he got the job done. That's what Paladins do.

Wiggans stood under the tent by the travel globe and thought about where to go next. Qeynos? No. Not yet anyways. More stupid dogses. I needs an easy one after that, he thought. Let's go home! Oh yes! Blinking against the glare, Wiggans stepped up to the globe and traded the heat of the Sinking Sands for the cool shade of Kelethin.

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