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EDay 2012: The Most Evil Holiday of the Year

Triptych arrived at the docks of New Halas with a pensive frown on her face. While she felt it was high time that the stubbornly independent Niami call in some of the many favors she was owed, the timing could have been better. The ancient treatise on ice comet variations was difficult to translate but absolutely riveting to a scholar like herself. Ah well, the scroll wasn't going anywhere, and she would be glad to be a tad less beholden to the quirky halfling that everyone simply called "Mum".

As she urged her elemental disk up towards the tunnel leading into town, she shook her head at the pair of adventurers arguing over ... a flower? Oh, right. It was that time of year again. Shaking her head at the heated debate over who had rights to the symbol of "love", she made her way towards the housing area.

As usual, her pointy ears and dark blue skin drew many sidelong looks, which she haughtily ignored. At least this time Mum had asked her to meet in a neutral town, unlike the last time. Slipping into the center of Qeynos, dodging guards who were shouting about "filthy dark elves" was not her idea of a fun time. She'd much rather spend that time researching, thank you very much!

She found the door to Mum's home ajar, so she rapped on the doorjam as she slipped inside. "Mum? I'm ... by Solusek's flames, what happened here?!"

Her violet eyes widened in stunned amazement as she looked around the foyer. Instead of the nicely decorated home that she expected, she found ... moving crates. Following the sound of muffled thumpings and mutterings, she made her way to the library.

If anything, her eyes widened even more, as she took in the chaos. Gone were the shelf upon shelf of lovingly arranged books and knicknacks. Instead, there were more moving crates, and stacks and stacks of books piled on the floor. Mum herself was wobbling at the top of a ladder - one large, hairy foot on the top rung of the ladder, the other precariously placed on the second shelf of a bookshelf, while she struggled to place a book on the very top shelf.

"Here, let me do that, Mum." Trip was already pulling her white hair back into a severe braid to get it out of the way, as she strode over to the ladder and the teetering halfling.

"Och, nae, but thank ye, Trip-lass. I know ye an' books, an' if I asked ye tae help wi' th' library, ye'd end up spending more time reading than ye would arranging, nae?"

Trip smiled unrepentantly. "You have me there, Mum. But --"

"Wha' happened here? Um, well, I ... um ... had a bit o' a brain fart an' packed an' moved th' wrong house." Trip couldn't tell if Niami's face was turning red from embarassment, or simply from the exertion of climbing back down the ladder. Whichever, it was almost rivaling her red hair in hue, which was utterly fascinating to watch.

She dragged herself back on-topic. "If you don't want me helping with the books, what do you want me for? While I could help unpack, I think we've proven in the past that I'm no good as a home decorator."

"I've got help coming frae that, lass. An' aye, I know ye well. I'll nae hae ye rooting through th' knicknacks, arranging them by age, or such again." She grinned to take any sting out of her words. Trip was known as a bookish scholar with some rather peculiar ideas about what constituted proper decorating.

"Nae, lass, I need ye frae a bit o' research regarding a returning event."

"Returning event? You don't mean ... oh no, Mum! Now, if it was Nights of the Dead or something, that would be right up my alley. But, this? I don't even date, why would you think I'd be a good one to research this event, out of all of the possible events during the year?!" Trip shook her head wildly. Even she, with her lack of social skills, could see that this wasn't a suitable pairing of event and person!

"Actually, lass, th' fact that ye're nae likely tae get caught up in th' romance o' th' event makes ye th' perfect one frae this." Mum went so far as to pat the distraught dark elf's hand reassuringly. "Ye'll nae let emotions get in th' way, an' ye're more likely tae get me th' facts I need on th' new items an' such. I'd go myself, but if I'm nae here tae supervise th' unpacking, I'd be likely tae come home tae pure chaos that will take me months tae untangle. Besides, folks hae been complaining that my reviews are always slanted towards the guid side o' things tae much. It would be good frae a more neutral review now an' then."

"You're right. I am the best choice from a pure research point of view. And there's never a fear I'd be too goody-two-shoes about it! I'll get right on it!" She gave Mum a firm nod, pulled a blank notebook from her packs and headed out the door with a wave.

Oh yes, she'd give her research, all right, though Mum might be a bit surprised at the slant of the presentation. Trip smiled a small secret smile as she strolled through town, making notes.

Several hours later, while Mum was distracted with getting her kitchen laid out "just so" once again, Trip left the completed book in the foyer, and made herself scarce before Mum had time to read it.

"Och!" Mum shook her head with a rueful laugh. "This was nae quite what I was hoping frae, but she has a point ... sort of! Well, at least she got me th' lists that I asked frae, an' folks cannae complain aboot me 'rose colored glasses' this time!"

While I try to focus on the more positive side of things here at EQ2Traders Corner, I felt it fitting for this year's Erollisi Day celebration to give a nod to a different sort of perspective on EQII's yearly festival of love. Not only are folks all abuzz about signs hinting at Erollisi's return to Norrath, but The Lady of Insurrection, Ullkorruuk, makes another appearance. This gives folks a choice, at one part in a new quest, to visit either good or evil upon a special quest version of the Shard of Love.

Erollisi Day 2012, Norrath's many-day version of Valentine's Day, returns to Norrath from February 7 through February 20. It will include not only old quests (with some new rewards added in with the old stuff), but some new content as well. The Erollisi Day vendors in Freeport and Qeynos Harbor will have new items to sell, including a new recipe book for the crafters. (The old E-Day recipe books will also be available for sale, so those who missed buying and scribing them in the past will be able to purchase them during this event.)

(Edit: silly dark elf thought Mum already had access to enough sugar, and didn't need to know about the Plate of Erollisi Day Cupcakes! Ha!)

New Crafting Recipes

Book: Romantic Recipes to Craft V from vendor Steven in Qeynos Harbor and East Freeport. Recipes are difficulty level 10. Each of these recipes requires a love note or hard candy as the primary ingredient. (These can be body drops from any intelligent humanoid creature.) They will also require tier 1 or tier 2 common resources and fuels. While crafting either the new or returning E-Day recipes, there is a chance for a rare crafting event to occur, Favor of Erollisi, which will return a surprise item if countered correctly. (I received the house item Pink Lilies in an Elegant Vase)

Box of Assorted White Chocolates
Desert Oasis Pillow
Giant Cherry Taffy Stick
Giant Strawberry Taffy Stick
Luxurious Upholstered Couch
Red Silk Pillow
Ornate Urn of Sacrifice
Passion's Hanging Rose
Plush Upholstered Couch
Mounted Red and Pink
Daisy Garland (wall)
Romantic Red and Pink
Hanging Fairy Lights (ceiling)
A Plate of Erollisi Day

Supple Hart Leather Chest Wrap

Supple Hart Leather Gloves

Supple Hart Leather Leggings

(appearance gear, pictured below)

Some of these items can be scaled quite large, as you can see from the below images! :D

Returning Crafting Recipes

Romantic Gifts to Craft IV

basket of Perfect Pomegranates
Elegant Coffee Table
Luxurious Dining Chair
Plush Dining Chair
Treatise of Trysts
Volume of Romance
Candle Ringed by Pink roses
Candle Ringed by Purple roses
Candle Ringed by Red roses
Candle Ringed by Yellow roses
Bottled passion

Romantic Gifts to Craft III

Alchemist's Amore
Blushing Star Pillow
Cerulean Calm Bottle
Erollisi Chip Cookies
Honey Botanics Rug
Long Honey Botanics Runner
Lovely Pink and White Candles
Passionate Red and White Candles
Periwinkle Splash Pillow
Rack of Love Potions
Romantic Purple and White Candles
Romantic Music Box
Rose Mystique Rug
Ruby Djinn Bottle
Square Citrine Bottle
Sunshine Harmony Pillow
Face of Love
Mask of Passion

(Those last two are wearable masks, not Kaisha plushie house items ;D)

Romantic Gifts to Craft II

(Folks who scribed the book before 2011 will find it in thier recipe books as "More Romantic Gifts to Craft!")

Golden Rug of
the Beloved
Golden Tapestry of
the Beloved

Loving Cup
Grassy Knoll of Butterflies
Grassy Knoll of Fireflies
Gift of the Libertine
Plush Wood Framed Bed
Luxurious Wood Framed Bed
Metalized Ring of Devotion
Love Letters
Love Poems
Love's Gilded Cage
Vial of Passion

No, I didn't miscount, that is only 13 items. The other two items are dress clothing items.

Added Notes

  • The Love Letters and Love Notes have a particle effect that can be turned on and off. Click on the icons above to see images of them with and without the effect activated
  • The Vial of Passion has a particle effect on it (it cannot be turned on/off)
  • The dressing room preview of the ring does not show the rust. As you can see if you click through for a larger view of the item, however, it is very rusty when placed. Durn gnomes. Also note that if you are not a tinker, you will not have any available reaction arts when you craft this item, so don't be surprised if you can't pristine it without being a tinker.
  • The rug has a visible bottom, and geometry. This means it will show a graphic from underneath, if it is raised above floor level, and that it can/will support players, furniture, etc., even when raised off the floor
  • The particle effect on the knolls doesn't display in the dressing room preview mode, but Kaisha tweaked the icons according to the actual look.
  • The tapestry is anchored so that it sticks out perpendicular to the wall instead of lying flat, like most of our tapestries
  • The Gift of the Libertine has a pink heart particle effect swirling around it when placed

Romantic Gifts to Craft

Erollisi Marrsipan
Stove & Keg
Frosted Erollisi Cookies
Stove & Keg
Essence of Amour
Chemistry Table
Distilled Devotion Number 9
Chemistry Table
Plush Chaise Lounge
Luxurious Chaise Lounge
Purple Heart-Shaped Pillow
Red Heart-Shaped Pillow
White Heart-Shaped Pillow
Yellow Heart-Shaped Pillow
Pink Roses Blooming with Love
Woodworking Bench
Purple Roses Blooming with Love
Woodworking Bench
Red Roses Blooming with Love
Woodworking Bench
Yellow Roses Blooming with Love
Woodworking Bench
Gold Mechanosynthetic Rose
Work Bench
Silver Mechanosynthetic Rose
Work Bench

Other Little Details

  • The two tinkered items can be crafted by nontinkers, but since you will not have access to the tinkering reaction arts, and the difficulty is rated as "very hard", you will have difficulties crafting one of these if you are not a tinker.
  • The "blooming With Love" roses have a right-click option to make them "bloom", each with a unique particle effect.
  • Unlike the Frostfell food, you cannot "take a serving" of the cookies or Marrispan.
  • The cookies and Marrsipan require vanilla bean, a vendor-sold item.

New Buyables/Questables

Yep, you read that right. A red stained glass tile for a reasonable price, some othmir plushies, and some dungeon maker goodies.

That's another tick for the evil argument that should have been mentioned in Triptych's skewed notes, though I'm not logging back onto Test to write it into the story, redo the screenshot, etc. Just think of it, romping around a created dungeon as one of the Sisterhood of Erolissi and killing the denizens of the Shard of Love?!)

The Collection

The glowie collection from last year is active again this year for the duration of the event. Note that you will have to travel to at least 3 different locations in order to find all 9 glowies.
  • Crimson Rose Petal - found in Freeport, North Qeynos and Qeynos Harbor
  • Cobalt Chrysanthemum Petal - found in Freeport, North Qeynos and Qeynos Harbor
  • Emerald Chrysanthemum Petal - found in New Halas & Enchanted Lands
  • Golden Rose Petal - found in New Halas & Enchanted Lands
  • Ivory Rose Petal - found in Antonica & The Commonlands
  • Onyx Rose Petal - found in Freeport, North Qeynos and Qeynos Harbor
  • Royal Rose Petal - found in Antonica & The Commonlands
  • Sunset Chrysanthemum Petal - found in Antonica & The Commonlands
  • Velious Chrysanthemum Petal - found in New Halas & Enchanted Lands

Reward for this collection is a Passion Veiled Screen house item:

Love Notes and Hard Candies

Candy hearts with cute messages on them, Valentine love notes written on small pieces of paper -- It seems that the intelligent/humanoid types in EQ2 have some similar ways of celebrating this holiday of love. Humanoid mobs (the same ones that drop status loot and lore & legend bits) have a chance drop a love note or hard candy as a body drop (this means the mob can be grey and still drop it). These little testaments of love have two uses, and this means you may be at war with yourself over whether you're going on a buying or a crafting spree. First, you can hand them in to Liannya Heartswell (the Romantic), for special coins that are used to buy many lovely romantic items sold by Steven and Douglas. The second use is, yep, you guessed it, as the primary ingredient for the special recipes listed above.

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