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Furniture Price Reductions on Status Housing

Furniture can reduce (or totally remove) the weekly status cost on status housing that is available to members of guilds. With regards to player-made furniture, the quality of the item, the rare/nonrare status, and the tier of the furniture all have an impact on the amount of status discount involved.

What Is Status Housing?

Members of level 10 and higher guilds have the option to purchase housing inside the main part of their home city, using a mix of status points and coin, instead of the more expensive coin-only versions of the rooms. There is a base purchase cost in status and coin, as well as a cost in status and coin to renew the rent each week. As you place various items in a status home that indicate display a "rent status reduction" when you examine them, the weekly renwal cost with regards to status points will drop accordingly. Further information on status housing costs can be found here.

How Much of a Discount is it for Which What Piece?

Discount is determined by tier of the item as well as rare/non-rare status of the item.
Tier 1510152010203040
Tier 21015202545505560
Tier 315202530708090100
Tier 420253035150200250300
Tier 540455055350400450500
Tier 660657075550600650700
Tier 7808590100750800850900

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