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Brewday 2012: Fribbles

Niami DenMother peered at her reflection in the mirror,then rubbed at the mirror with a clean cloth, and then peered again.

The view, sadly, didn't change.

Red hair, plus grey hair, equated to something closer to a sad beige strip of hair along her roots.

"Bah, I'm nae ready frae this. I need tae make an appointment wi' that stylist, as soon as I can remember her name."

Muttering to herself, she continued through the house to fix herself some breakfast. "Miss Clearhair? Covergal? Cloveral?"

Caffeine was definitely in order if she wanted to jump-start her memory.

No sooner had she settled herself with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and some croissants, however, than the doorbell rang.

"Och!" She started to scurry to the door, then whirled in place, grabbed up an old kerchief, and covered up the offending hair.

The doorbell rang a second time. Then a third.

"Hold yuir horses, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Mum threw open the door, then squinted a bit at the apparition standing in front of her.

Neon ... pink ... froglok. Neon ... pink ... clothes. Neon ... pink ... unicorn ... tied to the hitching post outside.

She blinked a couple more times, to give her eyes a chance to settle a bit, then ushered the lass inside. She'd never learned if the little frog's parents had named her such a name as Pinking Shears, or if the lass had chosen that name when she decided to become a tailor, but it suited her ... to the pink, as it were.

Pinking took such a deep breath that Mum thought for a moment that her eyes would pop right out of her head, then she was off and babbling. "Oh, Mum, you're still here. I was worried that you'd already left to check out Brewday, but I wanted to offer to do it for you. It'd meaneversomuchtome, reallyitwould. IguessI'mnottoolate, sinceitlookslikeyou'recleaning. AndIheardtheyhadoddcreaturestofind. Iwanttotrytotameoneasawarder. Pleaseletmedoitforyou. Pleasepleaseplease. I'mjustsoexcitedIcould .... FFFRRRRROOOOOOAAAAAKKKKK."

Mum blinked again, startled out of her attempt to decipher the run-on babbling by the deep bass rumble of Pinking's croak.

"Och, lass. Slow down, take a few deep breaths, an' try again. I get that ye want tae explore th' new Brewday events on my behalf, but I'm nae sure why it be sae important tae ye. An' what made ye think I was cleaning today?"

"Why, you're wearing a dusty kerchief, so I figured you must be cleaning!" Pinking said reasonably as she tried to take a few deep breaths and settle herself down a bit.

She failed, miserably.

Her pink knees flexed and straightened, flexed and straightened, as she bounced in place several times. Meanwhile she blew out a long breath between rubbery lips, making a long pppphhhhllllllbbbb sound.

"Pinking-lass, snap out o' it. Ye're fribbling!" Mum snapped her fingers in front of the excited froglok's face.

"Sorry, Mum, this is just a really big day for me. You see, I want to follow Brell." As Mum drew in a breath as if to speak, she hurried on. "I know, I know. I'm a froglok. Everyone and their cousin expects me to follow Mithaniel Marr, but if he didn't want us to make choices for ourself, he wouldn't have given us so much free will! Besides, I'm a crafter, first and foremost, and Brell just seems more fitting to me. However, I am worried he won't take me seriously when I approach his avatar in Antonica today. If I was there on your behalf, though, he might give me a chance to prove myself instead of just laughing at me like everyone else has."

"I will nae laugh at ye, lass. If ye feel that strongly called, ye may go wi' my blessing, an' my thanks! I'm getting tae auld frae th' drunken celebration, methinks," Mum smiled and grinned wryly.

"Piffle! You're going to be eternally young, Mum! I just know it! But thank you SO much for this. I promise I'll get you all of the crafting information and everything, andyouwon'tregretthisIpromise! OhmyI'mgoingtomeethisavatartoday!"

And she was off, apparently so excited that she forgot totally about her mount, and hopped off in a bright pink blur.

Mum eyed the unicorn, the unicorn eyed her ... and then it disappeared in a puff of illogic.

"I'm definitely getting tae auld frae this. Now, if I could jus' ... Clairol! That be her name! Miss Clairol! I hope she can fit me in today."

Several hours later, with her hair more consistently red due to the stylist's skilled magic, Mum was starting to get worried about Pinking. "She should hae' been back by now. Mayhaps I should jus' go check in Antonica, an' see if I can find some sign of her."

When she arrived at the fancy new entrance to the Bar of Brell, she found the froglok fribbling once again, with one big difference. She was blowing bubbles - yeasty-smelling bubbles.

Wisely, she didn't even try for coherent conversation until she'd filled Pinking up with a couple cups of coffee.

"Ouuuuhhhh, thanks, Mum! Those dwarves sure can drink!"

"Well, lass, what happened?"

"Those dwarves outside the bar said I wasn't allowed to even go talk to Brell's avatar until I'd done a drinking contest with them. I managed that all right, but they complained I drank like a fish. Then they insisted on a spitting contest of all things. I don't spit. I'm not that kind of froglok! So I told them that my warders and I were a package deal and insisted that one be my spit proxy. We won that one, too!"

Mum's brow furrowed as she tried to remember what warder she'd seen the froglok with last. "What, Handbag? But I didn't think gators could ..."

"Nono, I used Ptooey!" Pinking giggled and blew another beer-bubble, before pointing to the camel swaying beside the bar. It, too, was blowing bubbles, and looking a bit cross-eyed.


"Anyway, to make a long story short, I spoke with Brell's avatar, and he rumbled something about working with Mithaniel Marr at some point in the distant past, and sent me in search of the details on that alliance in order to prove myself. I also chased down a pink elephant, and a flying pig, but coudn't tame them, earned some odd goggles, and a flying carpet, and a few other things. Sampled a few more brews. Drove some goblins out of a beer garden. Sampled some more brews. Then had to celebrate with a round or three with my new dwarven drinking buddies, and time just got away from me. I remembered to take notes for you, though!"

She handed Niami some slightly soggy sheets of parchment.

"Um, sorry about that. I sort of went streaking into the ocean at the Butcherblock docks. ... But I used waterproof ink!" And with that, she hopped off to join in another round of celebratory drinks.

Mum wandered home, shaking her head bemusedly. "Kids these days.Why, I'd ne'er get that plastered in public, regardless o' th' holiday! Perish th' thought!"

Welcome to Brewday 2012 - the annual celebration of beer and Brell Serilis! This event will run from March 8, 2012 through March 19, 2012. It includes crafting recipes (and special crafting harvestables), as well as several adventuring quests and some really neat house and appearance items.

You will find lovely new entrances to the Bar of Brell in Antonica, Commonlands, Haven, Greater Faydark, Timorous Deep and Frostfang Sea. (See pic at the top of the page for the new entrance.)

Inside the bar, you will find several quest NPCs offering Brewday quests from past years (complete with some new quest rewards), as well as a new quest series. You'll also find a vendor offering recipes and floor tiles, and 3 of the purple glowies needed for the beer collection.

You will find additional quests available from the avatar of Brell that runs through the fields just outside of North Qeynos in Antonica, as well as a, well, um, a goblin-tipping contest, sort of, down the beach from the Butcherblock Docks.

First, let me go over the new goodies, then I'll go into the crafting details a bit more.

Brewday Acoutrements to Craft III

This book is no-trade and vendor-sold in the Bar of Brell during this event. Once the event ends, the recipes will not be sold again until next year, though you can craft them throughout the year.
Brewer's Sampling Jug
Case of Aged Port
Dark Beer Stein
Iron Bound Maple Keg
Pressurized Pint Mug
Strand of Brewday Lights
Tasty Tray of Muffins*
Trellised Double-keg Stand
Trellised Pint Shelf
Wicker Demijohn

*These muffins were so delicious, that all but one of them has already been eaten! :D

New Quest Rewards

Below are some of the new quest rewards for the event.
Book of Bound Mithril
(Black Swill for Blackswell)
Brellian Circlet
(Deep within Hammerhall)
Stone Barricade of Kaladim
(Ale Goggles)
Plate of Chicken Boxty
(Brewday Beer Guardin)
Rivervale Distillery
(Brewday Beer Guardin)
Wooden Fermentation Tanks
(Brewday Beer Guardin)
Betsy Plushie
(Brell's Everlasting Brew)

Beer Guardin race is down the shore a ways in Butcherblock Mountains. 5 repetitions of the race grants the prefix title of "Bouncer".

Returning Craftables

Brewday Accoutrements to Craft II

Bottle of Emerald Spirits
Bottle of Halasian Icewine
Brewday Oak Stein
Cracked Blue Stone Cup
Halasian Brewday Counter
Halasian Stew Pot
Lucky Mug of Ale
Maj'Dul Double Ale Rack
Rich Bowl of Gruel
Rough Stone Cup
Serendipitous Plate of Grub
Upright Oak Keg

Brewday High-Tech Distilleries

Recipe is sold on and is artisan level 2 to scribe. Pristine combine yields 2. The mechanized version requires a quest reward component, Small Thurgadin Distillery, from Oldar Foambeard as a primary (and you get two and only two of that component from the quest, if you choose that reward). It also requires a vendor component from one of the following crafting faction vendors: North Qeynos, West Freeport, Thurgadin. The super mechanized version requires the mechanized as a primary and a vendor component from one of the following crafting society vendors: Kelethin, New Halas, Neriak, Gorowyn.

Super Mechanized Thurgadin Distillery (left)
Mechanized Thurgadin Distillery (right)

Brewday Acoutrements to Craft

Bottle of Maj'Dul Merlot
Bottle of Sovereign Blanc
Bottle of Temple Street Tonic
Brass Cup of Celebration
Brewday Meat Pie
Fizzy Mug
Goblet of Fermentation
Maj'Dul Ale Rack**
Hanging Keg of Ale
Pewter Cup of Imbibing**
Rivervale Upright Keg
Frothy Tankard
level 5 weapon
yield 2
Quest Reward
Brell's Brewmeister Backpack
36-slots, heirloom

**=item is required in order to craft the backpack

Note that the frothy tankard weapon only has an appearance when in combat mode, not at-rest.

The gardens spawn in Commonlands, Antonica, Greater Faydark, Darklight Wood and Timorous Deep, and you must be wearing the improved ale goggles (from the "Ale Goggles" quest) in order to see the Brewday Garden nodes. Since the above tend to be pretty large zones, the recommendation has been to focus your efforts in the areas where there are rivers, lakes and streams. They have the appearance of shrubs, but with a green glowie particle effect. They can be tab-targeted, and while they use the gathering skill (minimum gathering skill 1), they are not impacted by the Ample Harvest AA.

The harvestables from these nodes are: noble hops, wild yeast, golden grapes, brell barley, and the ultra-rare emerald clovers. (You will need 1 clovers for the backpack, so keep that in mind when crafting the meat pie, which also requires a clover.) Resources will fit in an Artisan's satchel as well as in the guild harvest depot.

In addition to these special harvestables, you will need tier 1 and tier 2 common resources.

Most recipes yield 3 on pristine combine. (The backpack is a single item yield, the frothy tankard yields 2.)

Additional backpack information: the pack will is heirloom, 36 slots, with a right-click option when in a main inventory slot that allows you to use as your back appearance.

These crafting combines also come with their own special crafting events - sloshed, buzzed, headache, and the like. There is also a rare crafting event called Brell's Benefits. Successful countering of this event rewards you with a special item. (I have only encountered it once, and it gave me 5 no-trade swigs of Charging Bull Rush, which is a 15% heal potion.)

The Glowies

There is a 9-piece purple glowie collection during this event, with a twist. If you look at the below image, you will see that the collection uses three different icons for the glowies (mugs, steins, tankards). Each location will only carry one of the three icons. For example, the Bar of Brell will only spawn the stein glowies. So, in order to complete the collection, you will need to do some bar-hopping. {hiccups} The three main glowie locations are: Bar of Brell instance, Butcherblock Mountains docks, and the Gorowyn bar. (You can ask a guard to point you to "bartender" for Gorowyn.) Since those spots are going to get cramped and cozy, you can also find parts of the collection in the following alternate spots: the Blackburrow brewery area, Windstalker Village, just inside the gates to Maj'Dul, along the river in Kaladim, and inside Qeynos and Freeport. There may be other locations as well, that I've not yet discovered, so please post in my forums if you find other spots.

Kaladim Stone Stout Cloak
No Trade, level 1
Collection Quest Reward

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