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GU63 Patch Notes

The Destiny of Velious saga continues as adventurers breach the barriers of the Withered Lands seeking entrance to Skyshrine, the glorious ancient dragon city!

The great citadel of Skyshrine has long housed the Claws of Veeshan dragons behind its massive walls and arcane protections. Now, the unthinkable has happened -- it has become besieged by powerful forces. Battle and befriend dragons and their wurmkin in the forbidden city of Dracur. Explore the past to unravel mysterious events that transformed the formidable draconic city into a battlefield full of daunting challenges, fearful foes and unimaginable treasures!

Far below Skyshrine a different battle rages on. The Withered Lands, once known as the Wakening Land, was a majestic Plane of Growth-touched valley. Today it is oddly overgrown and overrun by a sickly magic. This strange corruption has touched and twisted many of the creatures that thrived here, including the legendary caretakers of the forest. Turned to a dark purpose, the caretakers cultivate the afflicted plants and animals. And deep in the creeping woods, chaotic storms drench the forest and singe the gnarled treetops where an angry dragon flies overhead!

Save the forest from corruption, aid the armies of Norrath in reaching Skyshrine, explore the intrigues of dragon kind and save their embattled city!

To reach the Withered Lands, please seek out the New Combine Griffon Tamer located at the Thurgadin Harbor in the Great Divide.

Destiny of Velious Content Updates Include: *

  • Level cap raised to 92
  • Withered Lands outdoor zone with over 100 quests and solo, small group, and raid content
  • Play YOUR way in Skyshrine instances with normal and Challenge group modes or choose to solo
  • Experience storyline events with Heroic Group and Raid endgame instances
  • Earn prestige abilities to build on the power of your character
  • All new tradeskill quests and items woven into the story arc
  • New Drake mounts

Age of Discovery Additions: **

  • Poet�s Palace Dungeon Maker theme and items
  • New Dungeon Maker adventurers
  • Tradeskill apprentices with new recipes (one Elite!)
  • One all new elite mercenary and three dragon golem ones
  • New creatures to tame for Beastlords

*Requires Destiny of Velious expansion

**Requires Age of Discovery expansion


  • Freeblood characters can now customize their inner demon illusion and the change will be persistent.
  • Fixed a bug where race changing from a winged race to a non-winged race via a race change potion could result in an invalid appearance on the character.
  • Fixed a bug where if you took a bag icon slot and positioned it over a pet spell icon in your hotbar and right clicked on the item in the bag it would flay out the possible pet spells instead of the radial menu for the item.
  • Fixed a bug where non-beastlords could load ui settings from beastlord characters and make the beastlord UI appear.
  • Fixed a bug where players could fall when zoning while riding server mounts.
  • Fixed a bug where previewing the Animated Defenders in the marketplace would make your paperdoll image look like an Animated Defender.
  • Using the scroll wheel while the assign raid loot window is open should no longer close the listbox of raid members.


  • We have modified the AA XP tables reducing the amount of experience necessary for advancement levels 1 to 280. When you log in your character they will be converted from the old tables to the new tables this will cause most characters to get bonus advancement points. Enjoy!
  • You should now only be able to move the AA slider if you are not capped at your current level.
  • Fixed an issue where the AA slider could display the incorrect value when logging into the game.
  • Fixed a bug where the spell examines of spells that decreased the auto attack multiplier were not displaying correctly.


Dimensional storage no longer works on deity pets.


Moors of Ykesha

  • Writ givers in Moors of Ykesha will now offer their level 80 writs to characters up to level 83.

Halls of Fate

  • The Large Draconic Key in Halls of Fate will now respawn a short time after it is picked up.

Loping Plains

  • Taking the Lesser Faydark mount station within Loping Plains will now take you to Timorous Moor reliably.

Greater Faydark

  • The Cogsmasher's Wrench drops from The Cogsmasher as intended.
  • Reanimated Nexus Scion should more reliably spawn.


  • Fixed a bug where a player with a mercenary would join a group but the mercenary would not join.
  • Savagery now gets set to zero when a duel ends for beastlords.


  • Mercenaries will now obey the same rules as pets for leash distance in PVP combat.
  • Fixed a bug where target next hostile player would cycle through friendly mercenaries.


  • Fixed a bug where some warders would show invalid stats in the warder window.
  • Please note: You will have to resummon each warder once after this patch to properly initialize the data for each warder.


Fixed an issue where selecting a dungeon maker adventurer would cause the hotbar icons to not change.


Guildhall Writ Agents will now properly offer Neriak and Gorowyn writs to characters level 65 and up.


  • Fixed a bug where some recipes would not show in your recipe book.
  • You will now get a warning when attempting to use an adorned item in a tradeskill recipe.


Pets will no longer wander aimlessly over the edge of the Tenebrous Island Refuge prestige home.


  • Reduced the reforging cost of AE Autoattack.
  • Fixed a bug but the TCG makeover mirror would not work for some characters.
  • Altered the Vuul item sets to use the correct foot appearances.
  • Cloudy Velium Jewels now stack to 100!


The City of Freeport

  • One Last Voyage: Can once again be gained from a book located within the Coalition of Tradesfolke building in the City of Freeport.
  • Red Lake: Can once again be gained from a book located within The Emporium building in the City of Freeport.


  • Clockwork Snoop will no longer be gated if you place your bot in the wrong place. You can now retrieve another one from the same area you got them in the previous quest.

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