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Frostfell 2011 Crafting

The original Frostfell 2011 guide and mini-story were lost in the EQ2TC server death/data loss issue over the winter. The "new" guide includes just the craftable information - the story is lost for good.

This event ran in December 2011 and January 2012, and items currently cannot be crafted:

  • Items can only be crafted on the equipment inside the Frostfell Wonderland Village instances**, which means that they can only be crafted during the Frostfell event. (**The Frostfell equipment also makes an appearance on April 1 of each year, in Enchanted Lands and the Sinking Sands dock area)
  • Books were sold on several vendors within the instance, and can be scribed by any level 2 artisan. (The recipes themselves are all difficulty level 20 and 30, which can be done by lower-level artisans, but not without a struggle.) If you did not buy the books during Frostfell, you are out of luck until the next Frostfell event in December 2012

Added in 2011

Fancy Red and White Divider
Giant Blue Raspberry Sour
Giant Butterscotch Taffy Stick
Giant Cherry Sour
Giant Green Apple Taffy Stick
Giant Peppermint Swirl
Giant Green Gumdrop
Giant Red Gumdrop
Giant White Gumdrop
Holiday Candy Bowl
Blue and Green Frostfell Bow
Blue and White Hanging
Fairy Lights
Image MIA
Emerald Icicle Bauble
Envious Snowflake Rug
Frostfell Gravy Boat
Frostfell Roasted Veggies
Gold and Purple Hanging
Fairy Lights
Image MIA
Gold and White Mounted Fairy Lights
Gold Shiny Bell
Grand Snowflake Rug
Green and Red Hanging
Fairy Lights
Image MIA
Pink and Red Frostfell Bow
Purple and White Frostfell Bow
Red and White Hanging
Fairy Lights
Image MIA
Red and White Mounted Fairy Lights
Ruby Icicle Bauble
Silver Shiny Bell
Topaz Icicle Bauble
Candy Striped Weapons of Death
Candy Striped Weapons of Gloom

Returning from Past Years

Custard Pie
Death of a Snowman
Fancy Apple Pie
Festive Bone Trophy
Frosted Apples of Doom
Gigglegibber Cranberry Sauce
Mama's Eggnog
Row of Festive Skulls
Sticky Sweet Orc Skull
Decorative Green and Black Striped Cane
Decorative Purple and Black Striped Cane
Decorative Red and Black Striped Cane
Decorative Red and White Striped Cane
Frosted Apples
Frostfell Candies
Frostfell Chip Cookies
Frostfell Shaped Cookies
Moist Fruitcake
Mug of Hot Chocolate
Stuffed and Roasted Fowl
Flambe Custard Pie
Frostfell Baked Ham
Frostfell Pastries
Pitcher of Mulled Claret
Swaying Blue Paper Lantern
Swaying Purple Paper Lantern
Swaying Yellow Paper Lantern
Traditional Apple Pie
Candy-Striped Buckler of Doom
Green Frostfell Stocking
Green Hanging Boot
Peppermint Buckler of Gloom
Red and Gold Frostfell Stocking
Red Frostfell Stocking
Strong Leather Stocking
Tasty Mint Buckler of Death
Warg-Striped Hanging Boot
Blue Starry Frostfell Elf Cap
Red Starry Frostfell Elf Cap
Big Purple Stocking
Candy-Striped Buckler
Cool-Mint Buckler
Patched Leather Stocking

Peppermint Buckler
Purple Hanging Boot
Small Purple Stocking
Tasty Mint Buckler
Warg-Spotted Hanging Boot
Cracked Leather Present
Dark Floating Candles
Festive Frostfell Candles
Festive Frostfell Sconce
Glorious Frostfell Candles
Glorious Frostfell Sconce
Imposing Gold Wall Sconce
Imposing Icy Wall Sconce
Imposing Silver Wall Sconce
Large Black Candle
Large Purple Present
Merry Frostfell Candles
Merry Frostfell Sconce
Personalized Frostfell
Carol Greeting Card

Personalized Frostfell
Feast Greeting Card
Personalized Frostfell
Greeting Card
Personalized Frostfell
Wishes Greeting Card
Regal Frostfell Candles
Regal Frostfell Sconce
Small Black Candle
Small Leather Present
Small Purple Present
Icy Snowdrift
Patched Leather Present
Small Black Present
Small Purple Candle
Etched Hanging Snowflake
Frostfell Carol Greeting Card

Frostfell Feast Greeting Card
Frostfell Wishes Greeting Card
Large Black Present
Large Purple Candle
Fancy Purple and White Divider
Fancy Red and Gold Divider
Figgy Pudding
Gingerbread Divider
Impeccable Feasting Table
Plate of Citrus
Bold Purple Frostfell Bow
Fancy Red Frostfell Bow
Lemon Yellow Frostfell Bow
Radiant Snowflake Rug
Regal Snowflake Rug
Spearmint Buckler
Blue Shiny Bauble
Blue Shiny Bell
Gold Shiny Bauble
Green Shiny Bauble
Green Shiny Bell
Large Green Snowdrift Candle
Large Red Peppermint Candle
Large White Peppermint Candle
Red Shiny Bauble
Red Shiny Bell
Silver Shiny Bauble
Ornate Hanging Snowflake


  • The personalized greeting cards act the same as player-made notebooks, allowing you to write in them.
  • There is also a complete set of Candy-striped staff items, which are a candy-cane equippable magic affinity weapon with a small effect on them. They are: Appetizing Candy-Striped Staff, Delectable Candy-Striped Staff, Delicious Candy-Striped Staff, Luscious Candy-Striped Staff, Scrumptious Candy-Striped Staff, Sugary Candy-Striped Staff, Tasty Candy-Striped Staff, Tempting Candy-Striped Staff, Yummy Candy-Striped Staff. (Each one is for a different adventuring tier)
  • the "Frostfell Cracker" is an inventory item that can be opened for a random frostfell item - Great if you like surprises, or want to send some gifts along to someone who misses the festivities.
Festive Robes (Female Model)
Festive Robes (Male Model)
"Snappy" set

All "buckler" items can be examined to turn them from a house item into an equippable buckler. Tier of the buckler will be based on the level of the person examining it.

The Harvestables

Gift stack with a
blue present on top:
  • black fabric dye
  • blue fabric dye
  • bolt of cotton
  • candy-striped staff pattern
  • frilly ribbon
  • frostfell elf cap pattern
  • frostfell stocking pattern
  • glittery powder
  • gold fabric dye
  • green fabric dye
  • magical thread
  • male frostfell elf pattern
  • purple fabric dye
  • red fabric dye
  • scrap of white fur
  • spark of goodwill
  • stretch of reindeer leather
  • unadorned silk
Gift stack with a
red present on top:
  • bourbon
  • brandywine
  • crusty bone
  • cured ham
  • cup of cranberries
  • festive fabric
  • fresh celery
  • fresh eggs
  • frosted apple
  • frostfell coloring
  • frostfell spice
  • gigglegibber baking mix
  • gigglegibber sweet tooth
  • molasses
  • onyx gem of joy
  • orange rind
  • raw fowl
  • raw vanilla
  • scented sandalwood
  • sugar 'n spice mix
  • sweetened bread
single red present:
  • cerulean gem of joy
  • chunk of wax
  • cotton twine
  • everfrost icicle
  • fancy black wrap
  • fancy red wrap
  • fancy red and white wrap
  • fancy purple wrap
  • frostfell candle mold
  • frostfell snowdrift spell scroll
  • handful of snips 'n snails
  • icy snowball
  • malleable gold bar
  • malleable silver bar
  • parchment sheets
  • scarlet gem of joy

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