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Mum was a harvesting addict, and proud of it! Of course, this sometimes meant that she made the guild harvestables depot creak and groan as she tried to cram in more different types of resources than it wanted to handle, or more of a specific item than it wanted to hold. Add in her pack pony, and her new gathering goblin, plus those of guildmates, and sometimes things in the depot got ... cozy."

She really needed to empty her bags, though, and didn't fancy selling a bunch of odds and ends of resources, so off she went to the guildhall. "Mayhaps if I jump up an' down on top o' th' depot, I can cram a bit more rhenium in? It nae ... what?"

She stopped dead at the entry to the guild's crafting room, staring at the crowd of about a dozen people, most of them strangers, standing around the harvestables depot. Before she could ask what was going on, the familiar voice of her guildleader piped up, "There she is! Let's try it!"

A large troll in workman's clothes scooped her up and carried her towards the open depot.

"Now jus' wait a dadburned minute. Let me go! Unhand me! Ard, tell him to let me go NOW!" She kicked, she screamed, she bit. She threw a full-fledged redheaded hissy fit, or as much of one as she could while some strange troll was trying to stuff her, willy-nilly, into a large wooden depot.

There she was, about to get a faceful of loam and other resources, and ... the depot spit her out with a loud "SPOOT"

"Well, ptooey tae ye as well! As frae th' rest o' ye, someone best start explaining, afore I warm up th' RPoD!" She blew an errant strand of red hair from her face and glared at guildmates and workmen alike."

All eyes turned to a distracted-looking gnome, who was scratching his head in bemusement. "I don't understand. I expanded the number of units per resource type. I increased the number of unique resources it could hold. I fixed it so it would hold all crafting resources, instead of just most of them. She's most definitely a valuable crafting resource, and should fit in. Even though she's larger than your average resource, the increased storage space should have been able to handle even someone of her girth."

Niami just stood there, openmouthed, trying to work her way through what had just been said. Meanwhile, everyone but the speaker had taken several steps away from the pair, if they hadn't fled outright. Even her guildleader was edging his way towards one of the teleport pads.

Her attention turned back to the gnome who had tinkered with the depot. "Sae, th' depot holds more now?"

"Five times as much, yes. I thought that would be enough to-"

"While I'm flattered that ye consider me a 'valuable crafting resource', I'm in nae way, shape or form thrilled aboot being scooped up with nae e'en a-by-your leave, much less th' snarky comments aboot me girth, ye little pipsqueak. Th' fact that ye improved th' depot almost makes up frae it, but nae quite. It means I'll consider healing ye -- after I beat the lot o' ye soundly! Aye, th' whole lot o' ye! I do nae expect th' gnome tae use common sense aboot grabbing someone an' stuffing them in th' depot, but the rest o' ye should hae known it was a bad idea! An' as frae ye," she whirled to confront the guilty-looking guildleader. "NAE COOKIES FRAE YE!"

Sound the gongs, bang the drums, on December 18, 2012, the guild harvestables depot is being improved! The maximum number of different resources that you can store in a Guild Harvest Depot is increased from 200 to 1000. The maximum number of items in a single depot stack is increased from 20,000 to 99,999. In addition, various resources that never fit into the depot before, including ingredient drops from Emerald Halls and the Nest of the Great Egg, will finally fit in it.

And that's not all! Seven new guild depot amenities are being added!

Ammo Depot
(holds 100 different)
Collectible Depot
(holds 5000 different)
Food & Drink Depot
(holds 200 different)
Fuel depot
(holds 100 different)
Lore & Legend Depot
(holds 500 different)
Potion, Poison & Totem Depot
(holds 200 different)
White Adornment Depot
(holds 500 different)

In all cases, the purchase price each of these new depot amenities is 25 plat and 5,000,000 status. The upkeep for each is 50 gold and 25,000 status. (These are the same costs as the Harvestables Depot.)

Each of these new depots, as well as the Harvestable depot, will have a "Deposit All" button that will find everything in your packs that will fit into the depot in question, and dumps it all in. This may be good if you have stacks and stacks of resources that you want going into a depot, or a few thousand arrows to make available to your guild, but you might want to triple check before you hit that button to be sure that you aren't about to deposit your own personal rares, or the contents of your own quiver and such into the depot as well. Some of the depots might have some extra filters, instead of just "all", so you can deposit only the common resources, and the like.At least for the time being, the access for these depots will go off guildhall access levels, not guild ranks, so you'll want to think carefully about how you have access for your guildhall set up, and who you want able to withdraw from the different containers. Anyone can deposit to the depots, and you will be able to set withdraw access to each individual depot to Trustee, Friend or Visitor. Clearly, if your hall is set to allow visitors, you likely won't want every stranger off the street able to raid your depots, but you may want to check what guild ranks have which level of hall access (Friend or Trustee) before you set (from the amenities page) the depots to Friend or Trustee-only.

The other thing to note is that the harvestables depot improvements are only for the guildhall version, not the personal harvest depot. They know that we want improvements there, and that we'd love things like the fuel depot for home use as well, but those are on the "we'll consider it later" list. First, they need to see how these new depots work out for guilds, what sort of load it puts on the database, and so on.

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