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EDay 2013: Festive Finery


Niami DenMother ducked as the noise came from overhead, just in time to avoid the pink frog that plummeted to the ground beside her.

She peered at the familiar figure, eyeing the pink mechanical wings strapped to her back. "Och! Don't ye know that this is a no-fly area, lass?"

"Sorry, Mum! I was hoping that if I got moving fast enough, and jumped really high, I could get a little bit of lift to test these out. Alas, it was not meant to be, though. I'll go fribble around Antonica for a bit instead."

"Ye do that, an' guid luck wi' those thingamajigs on yuir back!"

Pink mechanical wings, trailing neon pink hearts -- yep, it must be time for the Erollisi Day celebration again. With a rueful shake of her head, Mum continued towards Qeynos Harbor to see what else was new with this year's event.

She'd only traveled about a block before she noticed three female gnomes crouched on the street, peeking over a hedge at someone's front door. Ever the curious sort, she slowed her pace a bit as she recognized one of the women.

Just then, the door opened, and Zed Ratchetclank started to step out.

"I'm sorry Irma, but I can't find any source of heat reduction in your boiler. In fact, if anything, it seems a bit warm in here, and I think I'll just step outside to ... um ... cool off a bit."

Quick as a wink, Rijacki and the other two hiding gnomes moved into place, blocking Zed's attempts to beat a hasty retreat.

Rather than doing anything menacing with sections of pipe they were holding, they joined Irma in song, banging on the pipes at the appropriate moments.

...I've got {clang clang} fsssss steam heat.
I've got {clang clang} fsssss steam heat.
But I can't get warm without your hand to hold.
The radiators hissin still I need your kissin to keep me from freezing each nite..."

"Oh, um, ah. Oh myyyyyy!"

Mum stifled a giggle and moved on. Yep, love was in the air all right, and it looked like Irma had her cap firmly set on Zed.

Eventually, she made her way to where Stephen and Douglas had set up shop in Qeynos Harbor (their evil twins were set up in East Freeport, of course), drooled over the new offerings, and gobbled up the new recipe book. There was so much lovely stuff to make that she wasn't even sure where to start!

New crafting achievements sounded like a good place to start, so she curled up with the recipe books and tackled the various crafting challenges. She'd find somewhere to drape up the reward garlands later -- along with all the extra furniture, taffy, cookies, etc. that she'd whipped up during her crafting binge.

After a quick fortifying mid-morning snack, it was time for her appointment at Fionnach's Festive Finery, a holiday-themed clothing shop that was promising a lovely new outfit designed especially for Erollisi Day.

The place was an utter madhouse. Women (and a few men) lined up for the fitting rooms, ear-piercing squeals of glee, dozens of noisy conversations, and one lovely set of his and hers formal attire.

After listening to Fionnach assure her that the outfit would be "just perfect" for her skin tone and hair coloring, Mum stood in line to try it on, idly listened to the shop owner and her assistants chatting with the customers exiting from the fitting rooms.

"That goes so well with your red fur, but, um, maybe you want to put away the harvesting hatchet?

"Oh no, that just doesn't go with your skin tone, dearie. Don't worry, though, this is our test market. We expect to have some additional colors available in the future."

"Ohmy. Well, it sets off your beard coloring nicely, ma'am!"

"Have you ever considered bleaching your fur? I think you'd look wonderful with a lighter zebra pattern!"

"No, it doesn't clash with your scales, and we even managed to adjust for your tail!"

"Wait until we have another color, dearie, but at least you know it will fit you to a T!"

"Oh dear, what a color explosion. No, that won't suit at all."

"What do you mean, 'does it make your legs look too edible'?"

"My, what a long tail you have!"

{wolf-whistle} "Now that's a tall, cool drink of water."

"Ummm ... yes, it almost perfectly matches your skin color, but ... maybe you'll want to wait and see what we have in stock for Brewday ... or Bristlebane Day? Excuse me, I'm needed in the stock room!" {muffled} "Where's the eyeball bleach?!"

"Well, aren't you the dashing wood elf? That goes nicely with your shroud!

"Hmm, with your woad coloring, I'd wait until we have different colors available."

"Well, you cut a fine figure, but, as I told the lady barbarian before you, I think we might want to wait on another color for you."

At long last, it was Niami's turn. She spent several long moments admiring the quality of the construction, from the lovely lace, to the cute little shoes, before she changed. She really did love the look of the outfit on the mannequin, but knew that most of such close-fitting finery wasn't suited for the robust halfling form. For once, though, it seemed that something fit perfectly. Some little niggling voice said that something was just a bit awry, but she couldn't quite put her finger on what, even after triple-checking the fit.

Self-consciously, she slipped out of the changing room to slowly twirl in front of the waiting shoppers and staff.

"Eeeeeeeee! Oh don't you look so precious! I told you it would suit your coloring perfectly!"

The resounding chorus of agreement was enough to send her to the counter to check out, still wearing the outfit. It wasn't until she had paid for her purchase that the hammer fell.

"Oh Mum, you look so dainty!"

"Och! Dainty?!" She'd never been dainty a day in her life and really had no urge to start now. Dainty implied thin, and delicate, things that no self-respecting halfling would ever be, without some sort of life-threatening eating disorder. To imply that a halfling provisioner of all people, was dainty, was a base insult of the highest order.

Come to think of it, the shoes even made her feet look smaller, which was another no-no for a halfling, as it invariably led to ...

"Oh, aren't you an adorable lady-gnome!" The strange male human who cooed that at her was a bit taken aback when he was suddenly confronted by an irate redhead taking aim on his shins with her rolling pin.

"GNOME?! Gnome?! I'll hae ye know that I'm a halfling, tallstuff, nae some scrawny little gnome!"

"But, but, I meant it as a comp-..."

Muttering, she turned back towards the changing rooms, determined to change out of the outfit. She was proud of her sturdy figure, dagnabbit, and didn't want to look thinner than she actually was! She was stopped, however, by the bearded dwarven lady.

"It may make ye look thinner, lass, but look at it this way. It gives ye more excuse ta' eat an' drink more ta' fill it oot properly! Or in my case, more beer!"

"Mayhaps ye hae a point. I'd nae mind an extra pie or twa after this. I'll hae tae think on it a bit more on th' way home afore I decide."

Ten minutes later, she was almost home when she passed Dalron, who, once again, was trying to talk people into trying out his trite pickup lines. Suddenly, he burst into song as she walked by:

"Heyyyyy, sexy Mumsy. Woop! Woop! Woop-woop!
Rockin' DenMum style!"

As she stalked to her front door, leaving Dalron curled in a fetal position on the street, she could be heard to mutter. "That does it. Forget about an extra pie or twa, I'm going tae eat a thirty-course meal!"

Editorial note: I adore the new formal outfit, and I love how it looks on Niami. I am in no way complaining about how it slims her down in comparison to most other outfits that show off her legs. This is meant as a very tongue-in-cheek look at it from a halfling's perspective, however, as interpreted by a sleep-deprived redheaded human writer. ;)

It is that time of year again! The celebration of love ... and running out and robbing innocent humanoids of their love notes and hard candies! ;D

Erollisi Day will run from the start of February 7th through the end of February 20th. As with past years, one new recipe book will be added to the vendor offerings for this event, along with a few other new goodies!

The love notes and hard candies needed for the crafting portion of this event are body drops (can be grey con mobs) from the various "humanoid" or "intelligent" mobs. This includes player race types, as well as most races that have lore and legend drops. As with past years, there is an NPC in Qeynos Harbor and East Freeport who will convert your notes and candies into a single type of love note (barbarian love note), for ease of storage. Another NPC will turn your love notes and candies into Erollisi coins, which can be spent on the two vendors, Steven and Douglas. Once you get a good look at all the lovely items that can be made, as well as the items that can be purchased with the Erollisi coins, you are likely to want to go farming lots and lots of these while this event is going on. (Reminder: These items can be crafted year-round, provided you have scribed the recipe books, so if you are time-impaired you will likely want to focus on note farming, questing and shopping, and save the majority of your crafting for later.)

New Crafted Recipes("Romantic Gifts to Craft VI")

Corked Olive Wine Bottle
Imperiale Wine Bottle
Lucky Preserves Jar
Lovingly Crafted Chest
Luxurious Parlor Chair
Plush Parlor Chair
Half Dozen Roses in
a Smooth Vase
Luxurious Wood Framed
Bed With Canopy
Plush Wood Framed
Bed With Canopy
Romance's Hanging Rose
Male & Female view - Green Formal Attire
Mounted Purple & White Daisy Garland
Purple Flowered Shrubbery
Silver Gilded
Rose Cordon
Stone of Adoration block set
Stone of Adoration
Stone of Adoration
Half Block
Stone of Adoration
Stone of Adoration
Rounded Tile
Stone of Adoration
Short Column
Stone of Adoration
Short Divider
Stone of Adoration
Stone of Adoration
Tall Column
Stone of Adoration
Tall Divider
Stone of Adoration

New Buyable/Quested

There are no new quests this year, but several of the quests have new rewards, and the vendors have not only their old offerings, but several lovely new goodies for you to buy!

Pink Stained Glass Tile
Red Rose Topiary
(quest reward*)
Dalron's Hanging Rose (quest reward)

*The topiary can be claimed for the 80+ roses gathered reward for the Hearts A Flutter race. Be sure to check your reward list carefully!EDIT: I originally mis-listed this as 70 roses, but it is 80+

Tinkered Love Flutters
buyable (500 coins)
Red & Orange Hanging Heart Garland
(quest reward)
Lucky Teralid Plushie
buyable (30 coins)
Love's Chapel Guardian Plushie

Bow Mounted Red Rose Garland
Heart Mounted Red Rose Garland
Heart Mounted Purple Rose Garland

For the garlands directly above, there are new world event achievements that require crafting certain Erollisi Day items. The garlands are not only rewards for the achievement, but the achievement also unlocks the ability to buy more of them. (Garlands are no-trade and can be purchased for 2g each once unlocked.) Note that in some cases, the achievement will request a very specific item by name, and in other cases, it will just ask for a certain type of item, and letting you choose which one of the appropriate items that you wish to make.

You can find the screenshots of the items made from the five returning Erollisi Day recipe books on last year's writeup

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