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GU66 Buyable/Quested Furniture

The below buyable/quested furniture will be added with Game Update 66 on April 30, 2013.

All of the below are sold on Mavla Zulexz (4324, -821, 423) in the Scarstone encampment in Cobalt Scar for 18g each. While the furniture is fully tradeable, it requires that you have at least obtained the adventure quest "The Lost Othmir" to unlock the ability to purchase it. Until I have time to actually wade through the entire adventuring line (after I finish all the preview stuff), I can't tell you if these buyables are also quest rewards or not, but it is my understanding that they are.

A Combine Commander's
A Veteran Combine
A Simple Combine
A Combine Gravestone
Crustid Brain Coral
Diseased Brain Coral
Exploration Map Table
of Wakening Lands
New Combine Freeport
Standing Banner
New Combine Gorowyn
Standing Banner
New Combine Kelethin
Standing Banner
New Combine Neriak
Standing Banner
New Combine New Halas
Standing Banner
New Combine Qeynos
Standing Banner
Scarstone Barrel
Scarstone Crate
Scarstone Defense
Tubular Coral Pod

If you are thinking that the Exploration Map Table of Wakening Lands looks a bit odd, it is because it isn't actually a table. What it is, is what is shown above - stuff to lay on top of the table of your choice.

Quest Rewards

As I find the time to run through the entire series, I will include images/quest names here.

Small New Combine Table
"The Lost Othmir"
Othmir Dragon Bone Awning
Othmir Village Bone Brazier
New Combine Wall Brazier
"Gfts From Prexus"
New Combine Symbol Rug
Othmir Standing Net
"A Salty Farewell"
Battle Map Table of Cobalt Scar

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