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Fishy Shinies

Fishing nodes can sometimes produce something desireable for everyone -- shinies! Currently, fish nodes in two different zones yield collection items as well as fish. The Cobalt Scar collections were added with GU66. The Thalumbra collections were released with the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion. In both cases, rewards are plushies, plus a collection item to go into a "meta" collection.

Terrors of Thalumbra

There are five different collections that come from the fish in Thalumbra. Rewards appear to be plushies as well as a collection item that combines into a 6th collection. I do not yet have full details, but will be updating this article as I complete more collections.
Luminous Cepholex Plushie
Cepholex Critter Bits*
Russet Cepholex Plushie
Cepholex Critter Bits*
Violet Cepholex Plushie
Cepholex Critter Bits*
Umbral Scavenger Plushie
Umbral Scavenger Scraps
Cavedrifter Plushie

Luminous Octopus Plushie
Octopus Oozy Bits
Luminous Glowtoad Plushie
Glowtoad Gooey Bits*
Toxic Glowtoad Plushie
Glowtoad Gooey Bits*
Virulent Glowtoad Plushie
Glowtoad Gooey Bits*
Violet Fathomlurker
(meta collection reward?)

*For the Cepholex Critter Bits and the Glowtoad Gooey Bits, you have to choose between 3 rewards.

Cobalt Scar

Fish nodes in the Cobalt Scar have the chance to give you collectibles for four different collections. A fifth collection is made up of collectibles that you get from handing in the other four collections.

The schools of fish are animated, swimming around their anchor point. The ripper-snapper plushie which is the meta collection reward has a tail that moves, and a body that wriggles, but otherwise "swims" in place. There is also some low noise from the ripper-snapper as it "swims". (The schools are silent. The rainbow koi catch also cycles through glowing and non-glowing every second or two. Note that, at this time, the Rainbow Koi Catch tends to want to sink into the ground, so you may find the need to raise it up a bit when you are placing it.

Rainbow Koi Catch
Crustacean Collection
Deep Sea Koi Catch
Sea Stars Collection
Deep Sea Catch
Sea Bass Collection
Shallow Waters Catch
Mollusks Collection
(smaller ver. of Deep Sea Catch)
Ripper Snapper Plushie
Ocean Creatures Collection

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